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  1. Thank you, Robert! I definitely found some great stuff in your book! Really made things easier! See you soon! Leo
  2. Thanks Vit! Hoping to prove those guys otherwise, and maybe they'll start to rethink about the whole idea of veganism and that vegans do not necessarily fulfill the stereotypes (given a healthy, balanced diet). Good luck to you too, mate! Leo
  3. Hey Tracie, Thank you for the warm welcome. Looking forward to learn alot from other members here and also share my own experiences
  4. Hey guys, I am amazed to see, how many members this site already has. I checked out the site after having read Robert Cheeke's "Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness" Guide, which definetely gave me some serious insight in how to approach a solid, healthy, and all-providing vegan diet. As of now, I am working out 3, occasionally 4 times a week, since I'm quite busy with my final exams in school. I am vegetarian since June 2011 and turned vegan just 3 months after in September 2011. I don't regret or miss anything. The main reason for my change in diet is that I no longer wanted to contribute to animal's suffering. Many of my colleagues have asked me, if I would still manage to be as sporty and maintain/build up quality muscle. Their doubt is basically the foundation of my motivation. It pushes me forward in my workout sessions and helps me gain in perseverance. I love it! I am happy to be a new member of this site and wish everyone best of luck in achieving their goals and maintaining a healthy life! Cheers, Leo
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