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  1. Hey, could do with a bit of help here cause my brain is ready to explode!!! Prior to the bodybuilding I was veggie for about 15 yrs but for some ridiculous reason when I started bodybuilding I added chicken and eggs into my diet (methinks because I was listening to others instead of myself) Anyway, I've stopped eating meat and tried to follow a plant based diet but I'm really struggling with the training and recovery. I'm possibly not consuming enough food but the thing that's stopping me from jumping right in is............... FAT! Have I just been brainwashed with chicken and rice to stay lean? I mean surely you can't eat all those nuts and fruits etc to stay in shape, ha - I know I sound ridiculous but just need a fellow vegan to re-assure me (I've got a feeling i'm gonna get some abuse but honestly the volumes are so different and it really plays tricks on your mind) Go on, help a girl out
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