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  1. I've been using the Vega pre-work out and muscle recovery formula for a few months now. I'm not sure that I really see much of a difference. I do p90x and run as of now. I'm wondering if this stuff is worth the calories and amount of sugar. With the muscle recovery should I be adding protein powder to it , when I'm done lifting free weights/running ? I use the Vega sport protein powder as well. Thanks !
  2. I'm 5'7 140-145lbs Trying to gain muscle and cut some of this fat. I have a sprained knee at the moment. Sprained from doing a couple months of the Insanity workout. I'm doing P90x workouts at home. Just doing upper body workouts till my knee heals completely. Feeling like I have hit a plateau. Typically I eat things like beans,quinoa,tofu,TVP,imitation meat products,fruits,hemp bread,oatmeal,buckwheat,veggies like spinach and kale are staples,seitan...etc u get the idea.etc. I have a smoothie every morning with a variety of greens, fruit and VEGA protein powder. I use the VEGA pre-work supplement, their Sport performance protein & muscle recovery drink. I take liquid b12,vitamin d and a multi-vitamin. I am having terrible bloating. Like I said I have started lifting more in the last 3 weeks about 5 days a week. No cardio due to a sprained knee. In the last 3 weeks. I have upped my protein shakes (I use VEGA sport performance) The last 3 weeks I have thrown on the weight which I sort of expected due to lifting BUT all my clothes are super tight and I look bloated ALL the time. I'm not sure if I am just consuming too much food or WHAT In need of suggestions on how to step up my game ! Workout routines, nutrition or supplement advice would be appreciated. I'm ready to see some more results already
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