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  1. http://www.supergreenfood.com/faq.html http://www.natures-supplements.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1&zenid=3124ccc2f17e57a73af3596e11fb39af These are the two best natural, organic, whole food supplements I could find with any nutritional data. Vitamineral Green's data is not complete by any means, but you can compare the ingredients of Vitamineral Green with Mega Multi 100, and I think we can safely conclude that it is quite similar, and probably a lot better. It has the vegetables that Mega Multi 100 has and much more. Granted, the bit of data given about the nutrients in Vitamineral may not look too impressive (only about 50-60% calcium and about 45% b12 I believe) keep in mind Mega Multi's serving size is 2 tablespoons and Vitamineral's is only 1, so it is definitely the stronger superfood IMO. Also, it's a natural whole food so there is nothing wrong with taking multiple servings. 2 servings will give you 90% b12 and at least 100% calcium, and you don't have to worry about poor absorption like with isolated vitamins and minerals. The other 10% of b12 can easily be taken from some eating some sea vegetables, or just add some spirulina powder to the vitamineral and you'll have more than enough b12. Their website says it contains the full b-complex, and I am inclined to believe them, because Mega Multi has strong amounts of b vitamins, and vitamineral has the same ingredients and more. You mentioned D, folic acid, and selenium I think. There is no info on those nutrients, so I guess you may be right about those not being in them, but is it really necessary to get those nutrients from a supplement or can you just get those from your normal diet? When it comes to vitamin D, why would you need a supplement for that? You get it from sunlight, in nutritionally significant amounts, so as long as you get out into the sun and stay active, you don't need vitamin D from a supplement. I don't know about how much folic acid or selenium you can get from a vegan diet; I need to look into that further. So there you go. No smoke, mirrors, or other hokus pokus. IMO, Vitamineral Green or Mega Multi 100 would be excellent choices as multivitamins. You don't have to worry about poor absorption, you can take multiple servings without worrying about side effects, and you get the calcium and B vitamins that vegans tend to worry about the most.
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