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  1. I would like some opinions on a whey protein product im considering using for my new plan ill be using while trying to loose weight as well as the plan itself. My meal plan is only going to consist of a whey protein and fruits and vegetables. trying to get lean and i dont want to eat meat any more. i hope to make this into a life style change and not just some diet. MEAL PLAN 1500 calories a day 5 meals consisting of 300 calories a peace. Each meal will have 1 scoop of 30g of Jay Robb's whey protein and 110 calories. The other calories will come from fruit and vegetables Monday through sunday jump rope for 30 minutes in the morning before eating so i tap into fat storage. 2 hours after that ill start streingth training. Lift arms mondays and thursdays Legs tuesdays and fridays Abs wendays and saterdays trying to leave 2 days inbetween each body section to allow for rest. Goal: Lose fat and keep if not gain a very small amount of muscle. Not looking to bulk up right now, just trim out and get healthy. Would very much like your opinion on my work out program, meal plan and my choice of whey protein. Thanks for listening good positive info coming. Much love and thanks for helping me and many others.
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