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  1. actually i was shocked when i learned that a high protein diet causes excess nitrogen to form in the body. The human body can't really handle that nitrogen and becomes more toxic. I will see how this low protein diet affects my muscle mass. Most of my muscle is probably inflammation, fat marbling, and water retention from eating the wrong way for 27 years though.
  2. I was vegetarian for almost 6 months but always felt awful. Heartburn, throat mucus, nasal congestion, and acne. It was a moderate protein, moderate fat, and high carb diet. I decided that enough is enough and realized that i felt unwell because of my diet. So I looked more into 80 10 10 raw vegan diet and am convinced that this is the diet for me. So far I have just eaten organic bananas, berries, and green smoothies for 3 days. My protein and fat intake is quite low now and these are the things that I have noticed on this diet. Less heartburn and it is decreasing dramatically each day. Less throat mucus and less congestion. Less body odor. Acne has not cleared yet but I hear that people on this diet get clear skin eventually. My feces smells less too. It used to stink up the whole bathroom. I have not noticed loss of strength in my workouts just yet. I don't even bother with calorie restriction anymore. I was on a cutting vegetarian diet before and I felt awful all the time. I will try to update my progress to see what happens to my body composition, health, and strength levels.
  3. that's good to know. I just heard that former meat eaters tend to lose some weight when they go through the detox phase of the vegan diet. I have been a meat eater for most of my life. Just recently switch to vegetarianism and soon to be vegan.
  4. Currently I am a vegetarian because I still take whey protein. But I will become vegan once my pea/rice protein gets here. I heard that people who switch to vegan lose some size initially. Is this true?
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