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  1. Hi all ! I am a 31 years old frenchie, married to an amazing Texan boy. My husband and I have been vegan for a year. For ethical reasons. Before that I was already conscious about some problems in the production of animal products so we were buying meat only once a week, an outdoor chicken, I was buying only cruelty-free products and that kind of things. But then we watched Earthlings and that was the end of it. That was the beginning of a new life I would rather say We documented ourselves more and more and we totally changed our way of life. Well I could add that maybe we are not 100% vegan because I do have honey once in a while and I eat mussels maybe once or twice a year (I tried to get more info about mussels and clams but I could not really find anything stating that they are sentient or feeling any kind of pain). When hubby came back from Afghanistan, he purchased the P90X DVDs but we never took time to do it. And 3 weeks ago we finally started it. Oh I am suffering, a lot. I am not a fat girl, people tend to say I'm thin ("what ? you don't need to diet, you're skinny !!"), but I'm a fat skinny I guess. No muscle. At all. Anyways, it's super hard but I really want to get fit, to feel more comfortable and not have to see my floppy arms and thighs, and also to be strong. I want to be able to defend myself and save my own life if needed, I hate the idea of being helpless. I could not even do a pull-up to save my life ! So that's it ! After 3 weeks of P90X, I have the impression that my arms have some kind of light muscle shape and it really boost me. My husband is doing very good with our program, his goal is to be very fit and show people that vegans are not unhealthy or weak looking hippies Also we have a black cat, Isis, rescued from the streets. She loves yoga mats and thinks that lying down under us while we do push ups is a very cool thing to do. I think you guys are very inspiring and beautiful ! Thank you !
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