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  1. hey lucy, i'm completely new to this board myself, but noticed you mention you're entering tough mudder... my martial arts group has a team for that, so i've heard lots about it... just wanted to say props! sounds lovely and brutal. bet u have tons of fun with it.
  2. Hey all you lovely peoples and thankyou for all the lovely welcomes! I haven't been back in a few days because unfortunately I got struck with a bad strain of flu. Only just finding myself now to be strong enough to operate my computer again. That's a huge bunch of cool advice u'all gave me. $4 a day sounds fairly doable... I'm guessing it probably converts to about £3.50 a day over this side of the pond... I'm on £40 a week, most of which has to go on transport (very rural, very disconnected around here)... however, if I can convince that my keep payment stops including food, then I can buy my own food (which is something I've always wanted anyway) instead of just not eating most of what I get. So that should be very doable indeed, I think. There are farms around here... unfortunately, mostly livestock (toxic soil, as I hear it)... but there are certainly supermarkets, all the same. Bulk section... I'll remember that. Bulk section. I have tried to be a bodybuilder. Used to train in pro wrestling and for that, you pretty much need to be a bodybuilder as well. Ran out of money, though. Usual story. Really enjoyed gymning while I could do it, though... awesome stuff... loved bucking the stereotype, too. Come in, see all the girls on the cardio and most of the boys on the weights and after my warm-up I'd just be like, go over to a free weights machine and "YARRRR!!!" hahaha that was so much fun. And looking at your biceps grow in the mirror was a lot more addictive than I imagined it to be. Wish I could do that again. Ah well, I'd have to find a job. Or win the lottery. (both about equally likely these days, lmao) Pleased to meet you all!
  3. Hey. Got to this board by doing an internet search. Debatable whether or not I fit any of the terms, really. I'm an athlete in the sense that I do athletic things, but I'm certainly not at peak or anything, not yet. I'm a vegan for, um, only about two days now as I type this... not from any kind of moralistic viewpoint but instead simply as a way to try to have a better diet. Just being upfront, not really sure if I belong here? Don't want to impose or be impolite or anything. I'm no spring chicken and I'm not exactly a bodybuilder either, though I do have a tall and large frame, but also I am very short on income as well so buying food is tricky. I don't really know where to begin, really. I never really bothered with diet before - just if I thought I wasn't good enough, tended to simply add more exercise and ignore diet. Hasn't really worked for me, doing it that way. Bit lost, bit clueless, looking for some advice, really. My aim is to turn myself into a heavy jammer in roller derby. One of my brothers was saying about all kinds of benefits of a vegan diet (alongside hazards of dairy), so I thought I'd try it. I don't really want to try it wrongly, and I do get very muddled sometimes. So in general I like to ask about stuff. Stats in case they're useful: Female. 31 years old. 6' 2''. 210 lbs currently. Main strong points shoulders and back, main weak points stomach and arms. UK. Very limited income (can't afford gym membership). Autistic. Often unable to properly detect when I'm overheating (has lead to seizures; just something I have to be careful of). No big past injuries like snapped limbs or anything like that. Well, um... hope I'm in the right place and if not then my apologies. I'd really love to get past minimum skills requirements and get out there and actually play for my team... I'm thinking that'll move along a lot faster (time not being a luxury I have) if I become a lot fitter. But, I still want to remain big, because I'm not getting small and stealthy any time in this lifetime, and so I am much more useful being big and smashy (which I like the idea of, anyway). Oh and my name's Jane. End of introduction, I suppose. Always I am quite awkward at first introductions.
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