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  1. Hi everyone! I've basically been 99% vegan (if there is such a thing) for 2 weeks tomorrow..... yay! The only exception was 2 eggs from my mother in laws pet chickens which TBH I don't mind eating as the chickens are happy enough (I know there are mixed views on this). I'm in South Wales guys, about 15 miles outside Cardiff in Llantrisant. Nice to see some other Welshies C.O. I'll dig out the links for the guided meditation I do, it's a South African chap named Doug Hoseck (sp?), it's a bit funny getting used to his accent but I love the guided element and it really helps with temper/anxiety etc.
  2. Hi Folks, My name is Phil and I'm 29 years old. I've been training for about 10 years although I don't look it due to the lack of consistency, poor diet, depression, etc. you name it I've always been vegetarian (my mum is) and I have tried to go Vegan a few times in my life, the longest I managed was about 9 months when I was 18. I've taken a different approach this time in that I am slowly substituting dairy and animal products out of my diet and supplementing them with vegan alternatives, but soon I think it will be time to drawer a line in the sand and go for it. I've been back in the gym, meditating and keeping myself on track for about 8 weeks now, I'm hoping to drive a permanent lifestyle change through this time, of which vegan-ism will be part of. Anyway, that's me, I look forward to getting to know everyone on the site and taking my training forward at the same time as my vegan lifestyle! Cheers, Phil
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