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  1. I reverted back to veganism in mid January. My energy levels were better than ever, my weight lifting abilities and strength stayed consistent for a few weeks. Lately I have felt down, tired and unfocused on lifting or even making it to the gym. I know stress and other factors in my day to day are contributing to this, but I'm getting frustrated. I've been binging and have been finding it hard to form proper meals and proper amounts. It was so easy in the past to grab a Greek yogurt and a protein bar to hit my macros and feel lean. I could balance chicken, rice and veggies. I'm 5'5 and on a "standard bodybuilding" diet I was starting to see definition, weight loss and muscle gain and was feeling the best I had in a long time. I don't want to give up on veganism but I am now seeing fat come back and have gained 4 pounds and am sitting at 143. Any advice and motivation would be sincerely appreciated. I can't seem to stop overeating, even thought it is primarily clean, vegan foods.
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