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  1. hello all, Sugar consumption...for someone concerned about muscle growth, leaness, and avoiding fat storage, how much sugar should be consumed? which is better, sugars from fruits or table sugar (white & brown)? which fruits have the least amount of sugar and are best to eat? what is stevia? again my concern is muscle gain/maintanance and not developing a flabby gut....thanks
  2. hello all, are testosterone supplements necessary for muscle growth and maintanance? i'm 32 years old, and i've read countless times on how man's testosterone levels begin to diminish after their mid-thirties...i've heard tribulus terrrestris is a natural testosterone booster...i've never taken it so i wouldn't know....so i ask you my experienced friends, what foods can i eat or supplements can i take to increase my testosterone levels thats safe and natural...or should i not even worry about it if i have a decent diet? thanks
  3. thanks for the replies guys...so basically this Vega Product was not designed for people interested in building muscle...I was attracted to this product because it had a decent amount of protein and taste compared to manitoba harvest hemp protein alone which i'm drinking now after working out (less protein less sodium)...i was not looking to use Vega as my only source of protein ...i just wanted to replace it with what i'm using now after workouts...but you guys are saying this is not an ideal source of protein for bodybuilder to have after working out....any suggestions....
  4. i've just recently been turned on to Vega Meal replacement..i got a couple samples in the mail...they taste a whole lot better than hemp protein powder alone and it has more protein per seving....my only concern is the amount of sodium it has, which I think may be a little too much (230 mg per serving)...most of the protein shakes i use are low in sodium (hemp, rice and even when was I was chugging down whey protein)....sodium is known to cause water retention that can make you look bigger, but it's more of a "soft" look, because it's just water underneath your skin...Now I've made great progress in my fitness regimen by lowering my salt, sugar and oil intake....i've managed to lose weight and i have a decent 6 pack..i dont want to gain weight or lose my 6 pack, but i do want to try another post work out shake besides hemp and rice protein...Vega taste great but I'm not sure if my concern about the sodium content is legit...am i going overboard with the "sodium phobia"? please help...and also, why did they add sodium chloride as an ingredient?
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