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40 cats in danger, can anyone help? (LA area)


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Hi guys,


received this message from a friend on myspace, can anyone help? Please forward it to anyone you know in LA.



Subject: Up to 40 cats in immediate danger!


PLEASE RESPOND TO ALEX AT [email protected] com or 818-795-8891.




My name is Alex Salisbury. I am the manager of an upscale apartment

complex in NoHo. I have a tenant who has been here since 1990, and

in the past few years, he has collected somewhere around 35 to 40

cats of all ages. We were completely unaware of this, until the

inpleasant aroma began wafting from his apartment. He is alone

and not in good health, and has become a recluse, though he feeds

them very well and they seem healthy, are indoor cats only, and

range in age from birth to around four years.


His daughter is finally going to come on Labor Day weekend and take

him to live by her in Las Vegas, but she has made it absolutely

clear the cats are going to be taken to the Humane Society to be put



I have been trying to place them for the past two months, calling

every society and shelter, including the Humane Society, who said if

they did take them, they would indeed have to be euthanized.

Everyone is full and I am at wits end.


My children and I are very involved with rescuing, but none of us

have any more room for more! I know that his daughter will just

take him and walk out and shut the door, leaving me to find a

solution to this sad ordeal.


I am just looking for places who will take two or three of them, and

if I can find enough of them, at least most of these darlings will

be placed or at least have a chance at life!!


Please, please if you can help me with any information and/or leads,

I would be so, so grateful. These precious innocents do not deserve

to end up this way.


Thank you in advance for ANY advice you can give me. I am so very

upset over this, and have made at least fifty phone calls to places

already, attempting to get help. The shelters, etc., are so

overloaded, it is just such a serious problem, and all the little

abandoned creatures have so much love to give and surely did NOT ask

to be born!!


Sorry, didn't mean to get on a rant, but I am really running against

time to save these felines.


Again, thanks for whatever help or info you can give me.




Alex Salisbury


PLEASE RESPOND TO ALEX AT [email protected] com or 818-795-8891

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