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  1. oh yes i race cyclo x here in england it is great,its usually a hour race,in the rain and mud,you sprint at the start and your heart rate stays at max till the finish,it really is good fun,i do it most sundays through the winter,im not that great at it ,last week i came 43rd out of 70,my bike broke on the last lap so i had to run to the finish carrying the bike,but its all fixed and ready for this week
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    sorry for the lat reply,im in crawley west sussex
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    cheers guys and gals
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    hi im from england and just found this site,ive been a veggie for about7/8 years and trying to go vegan too,im really strict with my veggie diet no meat,fish or eggs but not so strict with the vegan diet,but working on it,my main sport is cycling mainly mountain bike but i do a fair bit of road riding to ,i thai box a couple of times a week for fun not to compete and have just started the weights again.Its good to have this site for support cause all sport need rest and recovery and every were is protein protein,and it has been confusing me,i want to talk to like minded people who like to train hard and not eat 10 chickens and drink gallons on protein shakes a day,
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