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  1. Thanks Sidneyvegan thats just what I needed. I knew it would be one after the other with abs and muscle but wasn't sure long each would take etc so thats great. Its mainly muscle and not much body fat, I've been working out a bit the past few months and made some definite progress, I think I'd rather build a bit more muscle for now and then address the abs. I tried interval training for the first time today actually and it was great! Much less boring lol Thanks again
  2. Hi all, I'm hoping to be pointed in the right direction, I've got 2 goals - more muscle gain and defined abs - and I'm not sure which plan(s) on here would be best for to adopt, if any deal with both training and nutrition or if I should deal with each seperately. I'm 21 and currently 56.2kg, any help appreciated.
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    Hi :)

    Thanks everyone
  4. ajm

    Hi :)

    Hi everyone, love this site, just discovered and joined it today I'm 21, been vegan for ages, been working out a few weeks but was struggling to find a vegan plan to build muscle and show abs so I'm glad I found this site. Nice to meet you all
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