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  1. Really bad is an understatement! I picked up a tub of pea protein last night from the Vitamin Shoppe, don't remember the name as I'm currently at work, that was super duper horrible. Word to the wise!
  2. I appreciate the welcomes and the advice! I'm still working on reading the rest of the nutrition articles and relevant posts to get my diet planned out. If I have any questions, you guys will surely hear from me.
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I'm your man- IBS is irritable bowel syndrome. Gross, yes I know, but it is something I am trying to take into account while making this transition. Usually it is brought on by high amounts of fat, sugar and/or dairy. At least this has always been my experience. I guess low-fat, high protein diet was not the right wording. More like a low-fat, high protein snack. Which I think a hemp protein shake will end up filling. Forgive my ignorance, my previous diet consisted mostly of the following: chicken, turkey, ramen noodles, rice, eggs, roast beef and cookies. So this is a bit of a change for me. Rainra- No worries. I've been steadily searching and reading the articles since I found this site! Zinzen- Thanks man!
  4. As the title suggests, I'm new to the veg*n lifestyle and am currently in transition. A little bit about myself I guess. I'm Matt, 26years old. I workout 3days a week, mostly bodyweight exercises and I also have a martial arts class twice a week. I have been rollerblading on and off since I was 14, though haven't skated much lately with the cold weather. Other interests I am pursuing or will pursue, are rock climbing and trail running. Also, I have ISB. So finding a low-fat, high protein meat replacement looks to be my main challenge. I'm up for any suggestions!
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