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  1. Looking good girl, glad to see things are still going well!!! So how is the married life???
  2. Hey everyone, just let you all know, I am still around, amd really busy right now with the kids sports in school, one is a cheerleader, he boy plays football, and the other daughter is playing high school softball, so they keep us running, workouts are going great, found out that everything I have been doing is wrong, and this trainer is kicking my butt!!!, but I am really noticing some differences!!! Will start posting workouts this coming week, just realize since had been lifting some things wrong, the weight has dropped some, but will get back to those big poundages in time!!! I am loving this trainer, hard work but it will pay off in the end!!!
  3. Hey everyone, I have a question, dont think I am stupid or anything, but I was wondering, I am wanting to build more nuscle, and was wondering exactly how much protein we need as Vegans to accomplish that??? I feel like I am loosing muscle mass, and not fat??? Any help??? Or send me to where I can get that info??/ Thanks Trey
  4. Hey everyone, got back from Panama City Beach, Florida on Monday, and have been just taking it easy before going back to work tomorrow, sorry didn't keep in touch, but the wifi at the hotel sucked and couldn't hardly get online, anyway we had a great time, the ocean and the beaches were beautiful, me and the wife went parasailing one evening, it was awesome!!! Nothing like lookig at the ocean and the beaches from 800 feet in the air at sunset with the one you love!!! The girls did awesome the took 7th out of 36 teams , could have done better, but the bats just dried up, cant win if you cant hit!!! Anyway the gym at the hotel wasnt that great, but did get some small workout in but mainly just cardio, we have a new trainer at the gym, the wife and I decided hey lets do this right, so we found one that will work with us being Vegan and all, so we will see how it goes!!! She competes herself and looks and does really well!! So just checking in to let everyone know that I am back, wish I was still there, but oh well life goes on!!!
  5. Hey everyone, got everything packed last night, and today will be making sure everything is packed as well as checking out the Armada, making sure it is road ready!! So like I said in the BodyBuilding area, I am taking the next couple of weeks off from lifting, to give my body a proper rest , plus to enjoy my vacation at sunny Florida for almost 2 weeks. We will be at the softball fields of course watching our 15 year old girl play her heart out in front of a bunch of college scouts all week at her softball World Series, as well as enjoying the beach ( my first time seeing the ocean, I am really excited!!) Me and the wife are planning on going parasailing for our anniversary as well(10 years) So it should be really fun, I will still check in with my cardio and abs workout as well as my diet, and how we are doing!!!! Yesterday was just a cardio session: I did 20 minutes on the bike set on hills level 14, then went to the Treadmill for a run/walk session for another 35 minutes, DIET: 6am: 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 1 bannana 9am: 2 clementines hummus on whole grain crackers 12pm: my salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, whole wheat pasta, and my dressing 3pm:1 bannana, X-Tend with creatine 5pm: postworkout shake in rice mlik with creatine 7pm: 2 bean and brown rice burritos
  6. Really glad you got some rest and feel better!!! Looking great here girl, workout looks good as well as a great diet!!! keep up the awesome work!!! You are a real fighter!!!
  7. Oh believe me I have already gave him this website, as well as take him information, and pictures, he just says that I ould probably get lean, but as far as getting any bigger I can't do it without meat, all I have said to him the last few days is I will show you that it is possible!! We are very determined, we are leaving on vacation to Panama City, Florida till, July 29, and as soon as we get home that day the very next day, we are going to start hitting it as hard as we possibly can, so for the next few weeks, we are taking as some down time, will continue with cardio and some abs, and maybe if I see a good gym, may go in for some light stuff, but other than that, just some fun at the ballparks watching our daughter and fun in the sun and on the beach!!! I know it is possible, from all you on this site, and believe me we will show him!!! As far as competing,lets just see how well and fast I can get to that point where I can do it, I have a ways to go!!!
  8. Thanks Mary, Well took today off, started getting some stuff ready for the big trip on Friday, so took today off, Diet: 6am: 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 1 bannana 9am: hummus with whole grain crackers, 2 kiwi 12pm: salad with cucumbers, sunflower seeds my dressing 3pm: 1 bannana, handfull almonds 5pm: veggie sandwich in a whole wheat pita, vegetarian chili 8pm: 1 bannana, handful almonds
  9. Very nice looking workout girl!!! Diet is awesome as well! Keep up the great work!!!
  10. Thanks, we are doing just that, we are leaving in 3 days for a 2 week long trip to Florida, our daughters softball team is playing their World series down there, so as soon as we get back we will hit it super hard!!! Anyone else have anything???Robert or anyone???
  11. Hey everyone most of you all have been following my log, and anyway here is the situation: my wife and I have been Vegans for 10 weeks, and by the way we love it!! She was in the locker room at the gym and saw s lady who is getting ready for her first competition and she is older than her, well that is what we both want to do I am 40 in Nov. And she is 42 in a couple of days, anyway we were talking to the gym owner about it, and he said that he is the one who has helped her out, we said we wanted to get into that shape and at least try it, and he said we would never be able to do it being Vegans, well now that pissed us off!! Noe we are out to prove him wrong!! We need whatever help and advice we can get from you all!!! Please help us prove the Carnivours of the world wrong!!!!
  12. Hey everyone today was CHEST & BI'S: Started with 10 minutes on the bike hills, level 14, then: Bench Press: 1 x 10 @ 95lbs (warm-up) 4 x 8 @ 155lbs Incline DB Press: 1 x 12 @ 45lbs (warmup) 3 x 8 @ 65lbs Assisted DIPS: 2 x 10 @ 100lbs 2 x 8 @ 90lbs BB Curls: 1 x 8 @ 70lbs 2 x 8 @ 80lbs Alt. DB Curls: 1 x 10 @ 30lbs 2 x 10 @ 35lbs 1 arm Machine Curls: 3 x 10 @ 35lbs DIET: 6am: 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1.2 cup mixed berries, 1 bannana 9am: hummus with whole grain crackers, 2 kiwi 12pm: salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and my dressing, 1 clementine 3pm: 1 bannana, started drinking x-tend with creatine 5pm: post workout shake in rice milk 7pm: vegetarian taco salad
  13. They are still a little tender, but much better!! Thanks!! Yesterday was BACK: Started with 10 min. On the bike, then: Assisted pullups: 1x12 @ 120lbs( warm up) 1x5 @ 100lbs 4x5 @ 90lbs. Getting closer to doing my own BW! Bentover Barbell Row: 3x10 @ 195lbs Deadlifts: 3x10 @ 215lbs DB Rows: 4x10 @ 115lbs <--NEW PR!!! DIET: 6am: 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 1 bannana 9am: hummus whole grain crackers, 2 kiwi 12pm: salad with cucumbers, wheat pasta, sunflower seeds, my dressing 3pm: 1 bannana, xtend with creatine 5pm: post workout shake with creatine mixed in soy milk 7pm: veggie stirfry
  14. Thanks girl!!! I will!!! Today was an off day, my legs are sooo sore, can't hardly walk, so decided to lay off today, will hit BACK hard tomorrow!!! DIET: 6:00am: 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 1 bannana 9:00am: hummus and whole Grain crackers, 2 kiwi 11:30am: salad with sunflower seeds, cucumbers, wheat pasta, and my dressing 3:00pm: 1 bannana 6:00pm: 3 homemade whole bean burritos
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