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  1. Dear All I have read an article by Michael Gundill in a book called Ironman's Natural Bodybuilding. I would like to know what people think about it, as I don't want to waste my time with a programme that doesn't work. There is so much theory out there about fat-stripping it is quite overwhelming! Thanks B The Programme: It talks about how you prepare your body for fat-stripping during your growth season. The theory is this: In the off-season make sure you train type 1 muscle fibers (with some high-rep sets), as these are the ones actually burn fats as an energy substrate. Have a 2-4 week transition period where you use modified supersets consisting of working antagonistic muscle pairs in a low-rep / high-rep split. Have a fat-burning period, where you return to "normal" heavy training and reduce your calorific intake: beacuse your type 1 fibers are "fit" the extra energy you need can more easily come from your fat stores.
  2. Well it is a bodybuilding forum... I'm sure there are plenty of "lets remember Michael Jackson" forums out there for you
  3. ... has always been about fat-loss for me. I am currently training hard, eating big and gaining mass (albeit slowly). All is good! But I'm not defined: I would like to start stripping fat, but I'm not sure of the best way. I am overwhelmed with so-called "lastest revolutionary techniques" all over the internet. I'm not convinced and wanted to know what really works for people! Bodybuilders having been fat-stripping prior to competition for years now, so it can't be that new an idea. Here are my choices: (NB: I currently do a minimum of cardio, as I spent a year as a runner, and never lost a pound!) HIIT training in the mornings (3 times a week) Keep my weight training the same, and expect to lift lighter weights (fewer calories) Light weights high reps Some sort of weighted circuits routine (jump squats, step-ups and v. light super sets etc...) HIT training (a la Mike Mentzer) Full body WOs Pay the money to find out what the "latest revolutionary technique is I know most of this is about diet, but still want my WOs to move me towards my goal. I shall lower my calories, up my protein and watch the carbs and fat... I'm so lost!! Thanks Ben
  4. Hi I would like to know more.... I currently train a five day split routine. My diet is very clean 6 days a week (one cheat day), and I get 150g protein a day over 6 meals. How would I incorporate this successfully into my sessions? I have read some more and decided to put 3 HIIT sessions a week: one at the end of 3 of my sessions. I would usually do this sort of thing: 3 meals in the day and then... 4pm: protein shake + snack (banana etc...) 5.30 pm: train 7.00 pm: eat a high protein low carb meal 9.30pm protein shake Does this sound about right? Should I be able to gain mass and lose fat at the same time? Thanks Ben
  5. Hi I'm relatively new to thinking about myself as a body builder. I have weight trainined a lot in the past, but never really got the diet right to support growth. (I don't seem to be blessed with "lucky genetics" either.) Anyhoo... this time I think that specific goal setting would help me: my diet is pretty good and I am training hard. I have been training for about 6 weeks now, and am noticing significant increases in my strength. However, my bodyfat is not decreasing as quickly as I would like (over night, preferably), and since muscle growth is a slow process, it is difficult to see (especially in a short time frame). How do I go about setting goals? I want bigger arms and a smaller waist (like everyone), but am scared to put actual numbers to the goals, as failure could prove disappointing, and the difference of an inch could actually take a long time. I am looking for about 6 week reviews. What could I be aiming for? Increased body weight? Decreased body fat (measured by callipers in my gym)? Actual size of muscle? Increase in lifting ability (e.g. 10% increase in my bench press) Somehting else? (e.g. before and after photos) What's realistic for 6 weeks? Any ideas? Thanks Ben
  6. Hi Thanks for the warm welcome. I shall be sure to upload some bits and pieces soon... (maybe even a photo if I feel brave!) B
  7. Dear All Hi My name is Ben and I have been vegan for about 15 years. I have weight trained on and off for many years, but never really seemed to get the muscle-growth results that I felt that I deserved. I always had that nagging feeling in the back of my head (maybe it is because of the vegetable protein!) I'm delighted to see these sites on the net, and following a talk from Robbie Hazeley at a Vegan Fayre in the UK last month, and review of this site, I decided to give it another go. This time I'm going to get the diet right! I've been training 5 weeks now and am much stronger already. I'm now looking to make sensible mid-term goals, as I've always struggled with this as well. I did a sponsored run in April (and raised money for the WSPA): the knowledge of having to train for an event kept me going, and taught me the importance of goal-setting! Hope to chat soon Ben
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