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  1. Also, we crave and drink Chlorophyll which is nearly identical to hemoglobin found in human blood. So, we drink plant blood. "Hemoglobin is the molecule in red blood cells that transports the oxygen. Chlorophyll and hemoglobin are nearly identical in structure. At their center, there's a difference of only one atom. It seems that enzymes in our blood easily convert chlorophyll into hemoglobin."
  2. If it weren't for my girlfriend I'd get rid of my microwave. I've always been weary of microwaves. If I ever need to warm/heat something up I use the toaster oven but that's pretty rare. And if it weren't in an apartment I'd get rid of the oven and stove too. They really eat up a ton of space and I never use them (except for tea... ahhhh... tea...).
  3. A parasite cleanse is when you flush all the foreign parasites out of your body. People who eat a lot of raw are far more susceptible than people who eat cooked food since parasites aren't killed during the food prep. That's why its good to really wash your produce with a vegetable brush. But you can't control how your food gets cleaned when you eat out so it's good to do a parasite cleanse... they say once or twice a year. This is the first one ever for me. Here's some info... I'm not endorsing the product their selling but they have good info on the colon and paratites and the damage they can do. They can sometimes be the cause of intestinal problems. http://www.thelifetree.com/STRCLNSE.HTM I've read someone who suggested that eating ONLY pineapple and raw pumpkin seeds for 3 days straight will cleanse parasites. I'm not sure how well that works though. I just bought one called Paragone. I'll post the results when I'm done. It takes about a month to do.
  4. I know how you feel. The reason I've become mostly raw (over the past week) is because of gas/bloating and bad digestive problems. I've posted a similar question and people have responded with doing an elimination diet. Something I'm starting now. I think Soy was giving me gas 24/7. Since I've stopped consuming it the gas has mostly gone away. It's amazing. I've also realized that onions, garlic and certain types of nuts can give me problems too. Bodies are so strange.
  5. I stepped up to eating mostly raw about a week ago and now I'd like to do a parasite cleanse. I've read that Pineapple/pumpkin seeds (raw) works but really I'm thinking about going to the health food store and buying a product specifically designed for it. Any suggestions?
  6. I haven't dated since increasing my raw food intake so I can't really say about that but my girlfriend is vegetarian and LOVES cooked food so it's difficult for me to try and keep eating raw. That means that I mostly make food for myself and she makes food for herself. About a year ago I ate almost all raw for 2 months and she was resistant thinking that I need to eat cooked food. She's enjoys cooking and eating cooked food and was really upset by the fact that i might never eat her cooked food again. But since I'm eating mostly raw again she's being more supportive this time around. I've really explained what it does and how important it is to me and that i absolutely have to do it. I also think she's had time to sit with it and think on it. Unfortunately when your dating you might not have time to really explain and let things sink in for a few months. [a little off topic but...] I have a hard enough time describing being vegetarian much less eating raw to people. I've tried a few times now to talk about it and I don't get very far before someone cuts in with "oh my god, why would anyone do that?" along with the quick change of subject. I can explain the energy and health benefits and it's like there's a big wall in their brain that doesn't accept it. They are VERY skeptical. But I never force what I do down people's throats. I've had several people refer to my food as rabbit food. They were all heavily overweight/unhealthy. I even had a girl ask why I was eating a salad, that I didn't look like I need to lose weight. I found that perplexing but interesting... that people regard salads as diet/lose weight food. And that's the only time they'd eat one. When I told my mother I was eating mostly raw food her reaction was "that can't be good!". I think it's really difficult for people to even think about things that they're not used to. They are used to their habits, pleasures and conditioning even though it doesn't really work for them.
  7. I think I'll try that. I think I've been consuming way too much soy. I ordered a few raw books so I'm going to progress towards raw and then I'll try re-introducing new things. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. I went through similar experiences. I was really emotional/moody. I still can be but I feel like I've actually gotten control over it now. I can actually feel my body get out of sync and so then I start to eat raw again to fix myself and I begin to feel much better. I've also found that I need omega 6 & 9 or I start to get really moody so, I make sure I take flax oil on a regular basis. But I'm getting tired of going back and forth between raw and cooked. I think I really need to start going all raw. Sometimes, I have intestinal issues and fatigue that I deal with. But it's really hard for me to pinpoint specific allergic reactions. I'm really curious. what kind of symptoms you get and do you pinpoint them?
  9. My father died of Lymphatic Leukemia which my grandma has been fighting for years now. She's been failing in health for years, we're amazed she's still alive although she's miserable. Both my grandfathers died from cancer and my mother is showing signs of Alzheimer's, chronic fatigue and she's really slow. She's only 60. There are only 3 people left in my family now and they don't take care of themselves. My other grandma lived to be 93 but she was a dietitian who enjoyed walking and ate some raw food every day. She was awesome.
  10. I really want to eat raw because I want to live for a very long time and I want to be as healthy as I can be. I want to feel good and awake and not feel like there's a fog in my brain. I've also watched too many people die from cancer and friends suffer from poor, self inflicted heath. When I was younger I felt chronically tired all the time and I couldn't figure out why so I went to a doctor and he said, "I'm not giving you any drugs! There's nothing wrong with you". That's the answer I got. That always bothered me. I couldn't figure it out. I tried multivitamins, exercise, ginko and nothing worked. So I continued to eat poorly, drink too much and ignore my body. I felt like I had a cloud in my brain and knew how forgetful I was. My girlfriend got me eating a lot better but yhen one day Brian from Velvet Acid Christ posted his experience with raw food, so I bought a book and tried it out. I lost about 20lbs of fat and muscle but I really felt good. I stopped eating so much raw because my girlfriend said I was getting too skinny. I also don't really think I did it correctly. That was over a year ago although I continued to eat about 25-35% raw. I LOVE huge salads with avacodo, tons of veggies and sprouts. I eat one at least every other night for dinner. I've been feeling run down and tired again which is my body telling me to eat better. I came across information about the Hunza people and really read up on them. So, all of that combined has helped me to want to eat raw.
  11. Hi, my name is Peter and I've been reading a lot of posts and figured since I'm so interested in what all of you discuss that I ought to join. I grew up on a farm in Wis. with lots of cheese loving meat eaters. I've been vegetarian for nearly 5 years now and spent 2 months eating almost all raw and felt so great that I want to start really eating like that all the time. But this time I want to do it more gradually and really do it right. My aim is to become completely raw vegan within the next couple months. I also joined a gym a couple months ago and have been working out 2-3 times a week. The last time I ate raw I lost a lot of fat as well as some muscle. A lot of people said I was too skinny. So, I'd like to gain some muscle back and become really healthy.
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