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  1. It was fun swearing when people didn't understand it I got all the swearing out of my system right before entering the airplane back to NL
  2. Thanks! No, I am not from Belgium, I am Dutch. Sorry about writing in Dutch, but I just got back from studying in the US for a semester, so it's good to write some Dutch again
  3. None, I am leaving this friday. Je parle un petit peut de Fraincais, maar nog niet genoeg om alle dierlijke producten te vermijden. But thanks for the input, it's verry usefull. How do I say "vegan" in french? Or "no milk, eggs, meat and fish"?
  4. Thanks/dankjewel I will stay away from those.
  5. If it wasn't abolished I could have been a Constable.
  6. Does anyone know wich ingredients to avoid in France? I know to avoid lait, ouf, and poisson. But how about stuff like whey and gelatin? What are those in french? I'll be in France for a week or so, so it would be verry helpfull to know those words. Or maybe I'll just stick to freedom fries
  7. Verry cool, especially the second one.
  8. I just arrived in the USAfor college. I went to one of those big American supermarkets and was looking for vitamin supplements. They had a lot of different supplements, but it seemed that none of them where vegan. I checked the label of some, and they all had gelatin in them. So does anyone know a brand of supplements I can get at most stores that is vegan?
  9. Every day is a special occasion
  10. The quality of chips has improved in the past years. Chips used to had a lot of rancy fatty acids in them, which where linked to cancer. Recently they examined the chips again, and there turned out to be no significant amount of those rancid fatty acids in the chips anymore. Also the biggest part of the fatty acids in chips is unsaturated, and even some poly unsaturated.
  11. They are a great snack, and not as unhealthy as many people think.
  12. You've got a Gamecube, and yet you play Resident Evil 4 on the PS2 . Good to hear about the girlfriend and the vegetables.
  13. That store is on "to visit" list. Maybe I'll pass by when I'm on a road trip.
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