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  1. Some sports people visualise doing the movements that they would do in the activity they're imagining. I think that muscles make micro movements when you imagine using them. There is that old study of basketball players doing imaginary shooting practice. They were supposed to have improved as much as another group who did physical practice. I would think that imagining lifting a weight will stimulate all the muscles involved, and could teach the muscles what is expected of them. This sort of visualisation is, at the very least, a good way to train the mind. And it just might help the body. I think that Timothy Galwey's 'inner game' ideas has some connection with this. - well, it's a mind/body thingie. He found that distracting the conscious mind during a game of tennis helps the player to play better. I've never used this myself so I can't comment on its effectiveness. Some people say it works and some say it doesn't.
  2. I'm in the UK. No recognition here. I concentrate mainly on anti-vivisection for my campaigning and , sadly, have little time for much else. I liken vivisection and other abuses of non-humans to the various genocides and massacres of humans. The suffering is the same. I'd better not continue in this vein - I have gone off topic enough. Thanks again. Martin.
  3. Thanks, RaVen, for posting the info about the Armenian Massacres. My grandfather was Armenian and I heard about the atrocities at my mother's knee. I'll send the link to my sister.
  4. The only way to prove it would be to have a medical examination. Some vegan bodybuilder or weight trainer could challenge this bloke. They could each hand over money to have the vegan tested to see if he has eaten any animal products in recent years or taken any steroids. A referee could hold the money and use half of it to pay for the tests. The person who loses the challenge wouldn't get their money back. I know that blood tests can show if one has been eating animal products. I'm not sure how far back they can look, though. I don't think it would be worth the bother - those sceptical meatheads would probably denounce the validity of the tests. As others have said, it's best to get on with your own life, doing what you know is right, without being concerned for the opinions or beliefs of doubters.
  5. Hello, Flanders. Bigger and stronger than me? There's no such person. I am 7'11'' and I weigh 39 stones and 11 pounds. Well, not quite. I am not afraid of anyone. I don't care how big they are. You know what Jersey Joe Walcott said: The bigger they are, the harder they hit. Or something like that. Holland? I've never been there. I can't go even if I want to. Not since my passport was confiscated by the Government. That Raw Ambition is a strange one, isn't he? Don't tell him I said so, though - he might be bigger than me.
  6. I'm not sure. I never remember much after being released from the straitjacket.
  7. Thanks for the welcomes. I'm not usually welcome anywhere. You embrace people? Not me, I hope. I don't like being touched. Belleadonna, I'm not a Martian, though my flying saucer friends have taken me to Mars on a couple of flights.
  8. Hello. I am interested in increasing my strength. I have done weight training before and have recently-ish started again. I haven't done any weight training for a couple of weeks because my right shoulder and arm are painful. I will give it a go at the weekend if my arm is all right. It is a bit better than it was a few days ago. I am quite experienced in the old fitness lark but I don't know everything. I hope that I can find some answers here. I'm not sure what the questions are, though, so it might be difficult getting answers. I have been censored and ridiculed on various forums because of my strange sense of humuor. I admit that I sometimes get carried away but I mean no harm. I was dropped on my head when I was a baby and am not really responsible for anything. I will be deadly serious here at all times, but don't take that to mean that I am humourless. If any of you have had the misfortune to encounter me before and guess my identity, I won't acknowledge you or admit who I am. For your safety and sanity if nothing else. So, let the good times commence. I'm happy to be here and wonder if I can hold myself in check. I will try. I've never managed it before but there is always a first time. And I am running out of forums, so I'd better be on my best behaviour. A couple of my old mates on other forums have disappeared without trace. I suspect that there is a secret vegan agency that gets rid of troublesome vegans. Well, they'll never get rid of me. I am too clever for them. Come and get me, coppers! Sorry, I nearly lost it there. I am in control again. See - I'm learning. I remain your most humble servant, MartinVegartin T-FYBC, ThOL, MO. P. S. I notice that my name is in blue. Am I a moderator? I am honoured but I think I need to learn the ropes first so, if you don't mind, I won't do much moderating for a while. Thank you.
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