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  1. Oh vegan junk food! Oreos are vegan. Obviously vegan cakes, cookies, etc are junk food. Any thing processed really. Try vegweb.com and start making some of their lasagna's, that should bump up the calories for sure. We used to add Daiya cheese to everything and once we stopped doing that not only did my husband and I save money but I dropped more weight.
  2. I posted my before and current progress photos over on that specific thread but I also wanted to introduce myself here as well. My name is Tassie, I'm 24 years old, and I've been vegan for two years. My husband is a vegetarian and our daughter(4) is vegan. I made the switch after a friend convinced me to read Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer. After reading his book I couldn't put the literature away for nearly a year. I thought my husband was going to take away my library card, honestly. I went vegan immediately and gave little room for anyone around me to get used to the idea. Through trail and error I've tweaked our diets and we're finally eating more whole foods and less processed/fake food. I was never physically active once I graduated from High School and shortly after I noticed the weight creeping up, not knowing that with the crappy diet I had and the sudden lack of exercise my life would change dramatically. I began not eating to keep the weight off and then once I couldn't take it any more I'd binge on fast food. During that time I was skinny fat and really unhappy. Several years later I finally have my shit together and I'm making daily strides to a healthier mind and body. I don't have access to a gym right now so I've been doing Bodyrock.tv exercises, running, and riding my indoor bike when I can't get out of the house. It's still a struggle for me to make exercise something that I do daily but I'm working on that by keeping up with a workout journal. I'm really excited and inspired by so many of the community members already. Hello to all of you from Texas!
  3. This photo was taken on April 3,2009 before switching to a vegan diet... I'm new to the forum please forgive any blunders after I post this. I began my vegan diet journey two years ago. When I first changed my eating habits after reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer I had no idea what I was doing diet wise. I came from a single parent family and most if not all of our meals were hamburger/tuna helper and canned microwave meals. My mother never cooked and in the end I had zero knowledge of where my food came from and honestly the distinction between the actual animal and what was on my plate didn't exist to me. Not until reading Eating Animals and being encouraged by a fellow vegan mom in one of my small social circles did I make the connection. When my daughter was born and began nursing I noticed her skin was rough and covered with, what some people call 'chicken skin', tiny small bumps. Before making the switch to a vegan lifestyle the same vegan mama mentioned above advised me to give up dairy. I tried it immediately and noticed a huge difference. Not only did my daughters skin clear up but my acne went away and I'm still blown away by the awesome-ness of losing the dairy bloat. Anyways...long story short, the first 4-6 months of my new diet left me feeling glorified by my decision to not eat meat but I still felt like crap from all the processed foods and sugar. I'm still living and eating day by day. Some days I'll pack away some pretty unhealthy foods but for the most part I'm staying active and eating clean. I started doing the exercises from Bodyrock.tv a few days a week with some homemade sandbags and dip station. I love the progress that I'm making the slow and healthy way and will continue to update my progress along the way. This photo was taken December 20,2011. This photo was taken on October 11,2010 while on a vegan junk food diet.
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