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  1. My fiance and I decided it was for the best, better safe than sorry.. especially when it comes down to a pecious baby getting sick. she recieved two shots today and a oral vaccine, poor baby was cranky and tired all day long after; the up side she just wanted to cuddle with mommy and daddy all day long which is unusal for her now that she can hold herself up. lol
  2. thanks everyone for all the hlepful info, Im still very on edge about vaccines.... my baby is 4months now and I have decided to start vaccinating her this month 2 every month.
  3. Toms..... vegan and crultey free!!
  4. Thanks for all the information guys it was very helpful.
  5. thanks for the tips. what are you planning on doing to do for school xChiszx?
  6. Hey, I'm a so soon to be mother with my first born and of course throughout my entire pregnancy I have been vegan. Which means my daughter has never had ANY animal products inside her tiny little body, not even medicines I have been prescribed by my OBG/YN. I have found ways to help my ion on my own and of course vegan prenatal vitamins. Kylie is due in October, and I know generally babies get vaccines as soon as they're born. BUT the vaccines are definitely NOT vegan! and there are NO alternatives..... I don't want her pumped up with egg protein and gelatin as soon as she is born! I have read articles where a lot of vegan parents just dont get there children vaccinated, and then there are some who say the one time is necessary... I dont want the vaccines, but I am terrified of what might happen if I dont get them, like her becoming sick... and I am also worried about enrolling her in school later down the line, because some school (at least when i was 5) wont allow children to participate if they're not vaccinated. help!
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