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  1. Hi! I'm sorry for the delay in my reply! Thank you for your suggestion, I'm doing some research about and I will share with you my result asap! Bye
  2. Hi guys, the new nutrition program provided me from my vegan dietitian il full of seitan/tofu/tempeh servings (usually 60/90 gr. at lunch).. What can I eat as an alternative (that has almost the same nutrition facts) and maybe "more raw"? Thank you
  3. Thank you for your replies! I eat veggies in meal 3 and meal 5, about 400 gr total of veggies (spinach, salad, broccoli)..
  4. Hi guys! As I told you in my introduction thread (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=27619) I'm new to the vegan world. I've read books (including Robert's one) about vegan nutrition (and recipes) but I was afraid about making mistakes so I went to a vegan dietitian that provide me with a "cutomized" diet, but I'm not convinced about it (Now I think I'm just wasting moneys..). I'm 30, about 184cm height and 91 Kgs weight. I go gym for weight lifting 3 days a week (1 hour workout) from 2 years. In 2 years I saw muscles growing up but they are under my body fat Here is the diet that the vegan dietitian provided me (typical day), what do you think about it? Meal 1 200ml Rice milk + 50 gr. oats (I use Quaker) One fresh orange juice Cofee WORKOUT (yes, I workout early in the morning before go working) Meal 2 (after workout) One fresh fruit (i.e. apple) 30 gr. of nuts/almonds Meal 3 90 gr. pasta/rice with vegetables 60 gr. Tofu 50 gr. bread Meal 4 One fresh fruit (i.e. apple) 30 gr. of nuts/almonds Meal 5 40 gr. pasta/rice with vegetables 90 gr. fresh legumes 70 gr. bread TOTAL Kcal: 2200 TOTAL Protein: 80 gr. (15%) TOTAL Carbs: 350 gr. (58%) TOTAL Fats: 65 gr. (27%) My aim is to lose my bodyfat (expecially my belly bodyfat) but I'm afraid to loose too much muscle.. Is there something wrong in this nutrition plan or is it just my sensation? Thank you!
  5. Hello to everyone! My name is Luca, from Italy. I'm 30 and I'm not a "true bodybuilder" but I train 3 times a week in the gym with weight lifting from 2 years. I love animals (especially cats) and I've always said to me: "how can humans be so cruel with animals? What have they done tu us?"...BUT, I've always eat meat and animal products until I decided to see (videos, documentaries and the Robert's book!) what's really happen in the foot industry... Now it's one month that I'm on the vegan way I was afraid for my healty about cutting off animal products, I didn't want to do mistake and I've deceided to go to a vegan dietitian: Yesterday I've got my "personalized" vegan diet but I'm not sure about it and I think I wasted my money (that's another story, I will open a new thread). I'm here to learn and discuss with all you forum member about nutrition and trainig Bye! PS: excuse me for my bad written english!
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