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  1. Good point, do what you think is enough and feel good about yourself doing it. What is the point otherwise?
  2. Wow, a lot of comments since I last visited... Mr. Ape, I don't agree with one word you have said, but I think the biggest problem I have with your ideals is your focus on the "masses" over the individual. I live for myself, and so do you (when you get up in the morning, you decide that it is in your self interest to live...the definition of selfish). Even when you are protesting animal violence, volunteering with sheltered animals, etc., you have still made the decision to do so. You are always living for yourself. Why are you so fanatical about people living for others? Why do I have to suffer so that everyone else may survive? Why is everyone else better than I am? It's absolutely ridiculous. One more thing...I don't understand how you can live and be happy when you "hold yourself in contempt." That is very sad.
  3. Sure, there are many situations in which force is necessary. With that said, I don't think animal cruelty is one of them. If my personal freedoms were being infringed upon to the point that I could not live a fruitful life, I would have no problem fighting back. Things have not gotten to that point yet and most likely won't in my lifetime.
  4. I eat healthy solely for myself. Helping animals and the environment is just a bonus. I don't live to be a "martyr" for a cause, just to care for myself and be happy (I had to say it). dontxhide made a good point...it is the culture that's the problem (and I am not talking about animal rights, just society problems in general). How do you change culture??? Laws can always be revoked and/or introduced, but that does not mean people are going to support and embrace them. Just keep doing what you are doing, taking care of yourself and volunteering, and people will notice your success. Swayze
  5. Thanks guys! I was actually thinking about going on a juice diet for a few days. I have read that this makes it easier to switch over to healthy foods when the juicing is over. Has anyone else done this and had positive results?
  6. I have been eating mostly fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains for the past year or so. I was completely vegan for a few months after reading Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live. However, I have been slowly slipping back into my old habits during the past month (I think due to an increased appetite from weight lifting). My current daily intake looks something like this... 6am (After Workout): 1 scoop whey protein, 1/2 cup rice dream, strawberies, 1 cup spinach, ice; banana 9am: Shredded wheat whole grain cereal or 1/2 cup oatmeal w/ cinnamon, stevia, and 1/2 cup rice dream; 1 scrambled egg; 1 grapefruit w/ stevia 12pm: Pita bread filled w/ hummus, romaine lettuce, deli sliced turkey, turkey bacon; piece of fruit 3pm: Salad (romaine) w/ tuna and some kind of Newman's dressing (usually balsamic); piece of fruit 6pm: Blue corn chips (corn, oil, salt) w/ salsa and guacemole (1/2 cup of both) 9pm: Some kind of sweets (Pringles vanilla sticks just recently) I am really looking to decrease my animal consumption while, at the same time, increase my vegetable consumption. I have just felt really lazy lately (quite the opposite with my workouts, though) and really uninspired when it comes to preparing vegetable dishes in tasty ways. Also, I am really unsure on what supplements I need to take. I know Vitamin B-12 (if I am not eating meat) and a good multi vitamin (I have not found one). Thanks in advance, everyone!
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