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  1. Yes, the Natural shows do have masters classes. There is going to be a brand new show in Bellevue, WA on June 19th, 2010. It is called the Natural Cascades Classic (naturalcascadesclassic.com)
  2. My husband and I are having the same question about calories. We have friends who are not bodybuilders who tell us that on raw food we need fewer calories than cooked food (since there is more nutrition). However, we are trying to eat the same number of calories as before going raw. We do not want to lose weight, and so far we have not. But we have not gained weight either! We would love to know how many calories most raw bodybuilders are consuming each day.
  3. That makes a lot of sense! I think that is close to the way chimpanzees eat in the wild. Thanks!
  4. We are eating lots of nuts, avocados, and coconut. I weigh 120 pounds and am trying to get in 2,500cal/ day. My husband weighs 180 lbs and is consuming a little over 3,000 calories. We both need to put back on some muscle! We have lost quite a bit the last few years due to long hikes on the weekends, our new passion. We have some friends who are raw foodists (not bodybuilders) who think people need fewer calories on raw, but we haven't noticed that.
  5. Hi everyone! My husband and I recently started a raw vegan diet. Does it seem that you need more, less, or the same caloric intake to build muscle on a raw diet vs. cooked diet? So far we have been trying to keep our calories the same as before. How many calories per day are most raw vegan bodybuilders consuming? Thanks, Kolleen and Bob
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