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  1. It isn't out, here yet. It'll be released on Friday - http://www.gamestation.co.uk/product.asp?id=101280548576595 (^-^) Kiiiiiiirby ! (Rapidly makes a papercraft model) http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p70/astropussycat2/RSCN5069-1.jpghttp://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p70/astropussycat2/RSCN5068-1.jpg I'm thinking of getting a Wii, one of these bundles with a game and memory for £210 online - http://www.gamestation.co.uk/cat.asp?cat=wii&t=hardware If i were to get Smash Bros. , then who'd be up for a game now and then ?
  2. Hey hey Mike no call for that now, Potter sure had a way with words but he never flat out just came up and dissed me in the style of a typical prepubescent XBox 360 gamer. Hmmm, (peeks at front page) Zack's a moderator here, too ? Well, now.
  3. When i read Brave New World, ah it was so good... but I ached a little after finishing the book, because it only skimmed the surface.... never really touched reality fully, you only saw the betas' story.... but (like they) remained shielded from the reality of the majority of the populace.... and it could have been as you described, in such a highly processed life-environment. happy happy, joy joy That's the spirit ! I read a post somewhere here about how there might be some kind of temporary wibbly PM situation because of the forum transitioning, so you might want to hit him up at his forum - it's a good one . http://www.theveganpeople.com
  4. Dude.... I SINCERELY apologise. I only realised the error of my ways after I finished posting, but I can assure you... you are not alone to suffer in solitude ! ... make it stop....
  5. http://media.techeblog.com/images/brawlcinematic.jpg The Japanese use 3 Japanese alphabets, and would write 'Smash Brothers' as shown in the picture (bottom line) The bottom line would be romanised as, "Sumasshu Buraza-zu" , with romanisation being an accurate phonetical depiction of the Japanese language. If you're not going to use that Japanese course, then you should really give me it back !
  6. Well aint it always just the way That you don't know what you've got, 'til it's gone They pulled down paradise Put up a parking lot It is indeed. Robert said the same thing about me, and has made no indication of having changed his mind. I am appalled by the way he treated me, but you are correct - a man can run a forum just as unfairly as he likes. VegansRock is nearly back up, and now Mike Hobson has his own forum, whooee well, anyone who's after me knows where to find me, or has me MySpaced up already. Then, there's always Vegifide. I want it stated loud and clear now though, since i have falled foul of appalling censorship and slander in the past, that no matter what either Richard or Robert might like to think, and seem to have been claiming to others is the case - I *NEVER* left the forum because of anything Veganpotter said. Neither of them consulted me about this before deciding all by themselves, that this is what I thought. Robert has made it clear that he doesn;t actually care what i have to say about it anyway, since you know.... I'm a negative influence and all, anyway.... he seems to feel that this is self-evident. So, it is nothing personal.... I like many people here and hope to see you around Vegifide, Vegansrock, Mike's forum, etc..... but yeah..... I know positivity when i see it, and this aint it. Pfffffght.... after speaking my mind like this then I'll probably just get the "biohazard team" treatment, and be disposed of without a trace again, anyway (shrug).
  7. I believe in a god who talks to me through my ass (which makes sense, as my bowels are deeper - thus more profound - than my brain) .... God tends to get pretty vocal when i eat beans. I get some meaningful expressions out of it, but it involves learning a lot of difficult theistic interpretation skills to fully comprehend the enormity of the vocations of the ass-God. That's a great book, also.
  8. (^-^) yay, well done. Go, you !
  9. That sort of convinced atheism , following the logical path of "God is definitely omnipotent, and definitely would still exist now had they to begin with... so if a god exists then they are certainly not 'good' at all." , seems no less religious to me (and many others) than plenty of the theistic doctrines and paths of assumption/belief/presupposition/faith Many (if not most) atheists don't seem to try & research new religions ongoingly, and even if they were to... there are so many religions in existence... so only a devoted researcher would manage to learn about them all. I've been indoctrinated to hell and back and endured some really alarming abuse in the name of religion.... the kind which leaves you needing therapy. It's like that. I'd be agnostic, but I'm hardly an expert.... nobody is, and surely nobody can rationally come to any conclusive certainty about a God "certainly" being a particular way if it exists ?
  10. Gotta love that early lack of RPG political correctness....
  11. Oh, god yes ! Humphrey the Humping Hound, I believe he's called I encountered him one day recently, when I was in the local game/DVD/film/weird-magazine/etc shop ... one one of the numerous bizarre occasions when people have decided that it's fair enough to leave their kid alone with a total stranger and go meandering off somewhere. I'm never sure whether I'm doing them a disservice by being so ludicrously fun, rapportsome, adept at babysitting and ultimately non-dangerous.... or not especially when I'm wearing goth clothing with snarling fanged dragons on and stuff... you know ? But anyway, this kid and I had a really good time playing with all of these toys and commenting on them he was about 3, so was absolutely delighted with Humphrey the Humping Hound (who you got to test out in the shop if you wanted, so we started setting off the entire line of them which was rather amusing ) ... he came complete with ridiculous howls of orgasmic canine joy, much to the delight (but confusion) of the kid. Ha I didn't get involved with any tricky questions along the lines of "Why is Humphrey doing that ?" "Is Humphrey happy ?" "Why does Humphrey hump like that ?" "Do real dogs do that ?" "Why ?" I just feigned complete (but good-natured) ignorance and insisted that I had ab-solutely NO idea why Humphrey might take it upon himself to hump that enthusiastically, or which quite such a ruckus, and encouragingly urged the kid to press his dad for further information, ie in great detail.
  12. ooh yes, a good find indeed ! I love to put a generous helping of red lentils into homemade soups, to fill it out & thicken it up in an easy and nutritious manner.
  13. Cyanide & Happiness.... ah, wonderful ! http://www.explosm.net/db/files/Comics/rpinecone.jpg
  14. Ooooh, I totally agree ! I had massive problems when i moved ino my present place last December, because the last two lots of tenants were from one family, and were insane vandal-bums and also serial/career scammers with an eye towards identity theft. It all seems to have turned out okay in the end, and fortunately the people next door knew them through coincidence, and are decent folk to speak to etc, so we all successfully managed to bring an entire rubbish-tip worth of their disposed-of crap round to the scammers' house and dump it all over their living room floor (complete with lots of nice rat droppings in among the junk from the loft) ... it was seriously masses. I was completely demolished for a long time afterwards, trying to recuperate.... The stuff moved included 75 binbags of assorted crap (including tastefully destroyed video tapes and DVDs since I had no intention of actually giving them anything they actually WANTED) , a huge mouldy sofa, a huge mouldy double mattress and broken bed frame, a manky old kids' slide which was half-buried in the garden when I moved in, and lots of random nasty shit which they had kicking about (ie random chunk of lead piping, broken shoes , mouldy clothes, etc) , I got some amazing pictures of most of it.... it's phenomenal that we managed to get it all shifted in the end. We also successfully got the Hydro hounding them for the £800 which they tried to craftily slip onto my electric metre (and we might not even have even known, except for that in major paranoia mode i opted to get the thing changed over to a normal non-metre system ASAP after moving in... and the Hydro told us about that being set up on it then, having been transferred over as debt from the bums' previous house) The long and short of it is, I've had a similar but different experience.... these guys, they could have been stealing cards from people like you , to pay for their first payment on hire purchase stuff before flaking out and going AWOL with their 'free stuff' ... while living somewhere decent like here makes you want to barf (preferrably all over them), doesn't it. ooooooh, it;s so true. I don't have a TV but do rent out assorted DVDs. I can;t go roaming about or anything, since I'm fairly immobilised with having M.E and being in such an isolated place and all, but even I have found myself collecting a big backlog of stuff I'm meaning to watch..... because instead of those looooong dark days we have in Winter, there's been a decent bit of sun around which makes me want to go outside to sit in the garden with a book, or my laptop, or with computer games to play, or just sitting around a lot chewing the cud and enjoying the amazing scenery here. haha ! Aren't they great ? I first encountered Pon & Zi only a few months ago, and at the time I was trying to figure out how to combine a 'Learn to draw Chibi Manga' book , myself , and concepts which I had for profound and cute psychological cartoons. So when I saw Pon & Zi being such cute little emokids, everything became clear So far, I've only made one of the cartoons up properly... __________________________ heh while posting at Gamespot I, and others, have noticed that the place seems to be slightly infested with attention-deficient morons ... with anything which is remotely lengthy in any way very commonly being dismissed by various posters as being a "wall of text" .... so you might make a nice, meaningful post which is informative yet concise as a positive and constructive contribution to the discussion, then they come waddling up an open their daft traps to honk out "wall of text" before scuttling off. Fortunately, i can metamorphose into a strange creature who thrives on their asshattery. so, I merrily made an ascerbic and profoundly psychological, yet whimsical, cute and accessible cartoon based on this particular aspect of human nature..... I call it, "Why dissers don't get the girls" http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c186/Astropussycat/rosslyn-chibi1-webworthy.jpg
  15. http://buzznet-09.vo.llnwd.net/assets/users13/soundjunkie/default/Pon_Zi_-_pants--large-msg-116491482679.jpg
  16. "White Ninja & The Growling Pirate" http://www.whiteninjacomics.com/images/comics/pirate.gif _____________________________________ "White Ninja is a Funny Babysitter" http://www.whiteninjacomics.com/images/comics/grapes.gif _______________________________________ "White Ninja Befriends a Small Child" http://www.whiteninjacomics.com/images/comics/befriends.gif
  17. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Can I just say, that holy crap - Cyanide & Happiness are absolutely hilarious. They're touching like Pon & Zi, while being depraved and hilarious like White Ninja. Boy, I love being emogoth and "getting it" .... 'normal people' humour fucking sucks. http://www.explosm.net/db/files/Comics/karms0001.jpg
  18. I'd never heard of them before, either they're sweet Today, I received an amazingly incoherent and mind-blowingly pathology inticative spam-mail.... evidence if it were ever needed, that even spammers are dumbing down. It reads : ______________________________ " Hallo, V I A G G R K L A Click here [linked to wb.boxtravel.cn ~ Astrocat] --- It, but there's no time. How is a poor devil to in a few minutes ada mason entered the room. She there was someone inside. Softly wilbraham slipped country round will find another doctor reynaud, elusive as usual. He wasn't to bother. winnie him down a slope, apparently formed of material with rebuke. She laughed a strange laugh. Sanna! He wanted to spring a surprise on his guests.." _______________________________ I investigated the URL with Google , which has never heard of them.... they er.... kind of make me feel like running away and calling the nice friendly strong men with the lovely soft gentle padded cells and that lovely tight coat for them to wear the whole time.... rather than luring me in with their tempting appeal...... I mean honestly.... what on earth are they even attempting to achieve here ? Are they salespeople, or what ? Who in God's name would click on a random spam link which is just sat there like that ? The entire thing perplexes me !
  19. Rah ! You go, mosh-pit dude ! I've never been to a gig like that, I imagine that it must be pretty mind-blowing for the senses. I listen to all manner of stuff, including a considerable amount ranging from Slipknotesque hollering dudes, to depraved Wipeout music. I like Rozpor, they're very entertaining... and some stuff by Pantera, Biohazard and (not early ) Slipknot.... I'm always keeping my ears out for new stuff though, so I'm amusing myself just now by expanding my knowledge of the genre(s?) I've only recently heard of Hellbreed, and I like everything I've checked out so far I especially like "Defeatist" ... it's nice and hollery I think out of what I've heard by Dawn of Ashes, I like the song I posted most - but yep I'm into music like that for sure.
  20. Brave New World (Wikipedia) I found this book to be incredible, especially for the time it was written... it remains highly socially relevant across the decades, and stands out as a truly classic example of early SciFi writing which has much to tell even now. I feel that it speaks volumes about social control, deference, conformity, social expectation, exploitation, happiness, friendship , purpose in life , idealism , sustainability and reality in general. http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/BOOK/BD001~Brave-New-World-by-Aldous-Huxley-Posters.jpg
  21. Flowers for Algernon (Wikipedia) http://images.amazon.com/images/P/1857989384.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_PU_PU-5_.jpg This comes as a short story, or in extended format as a book. HEre's aynopsis of the short story, taken from Wikipedia - I found this to be a very insightful, philosophical, and psychologically profound story, which I would recommend to anyone who feels interested in thought. I've recently got myself the book, so I look forward to reading it soon.
  22. Aw, man... harsh ! I challenge you to an informal "How hick is your homespace" contest. I'll go first.... Here, for a month or thereabouts before show day, the hardcore farmer hicks really DO go out into the fields, and stand there immobilised for ages like pillocks, holding cows on little bits of string.... I gather that this is in order to practice holding the aforementioned cows on bits of string, in preparation for the "exciting" big day (whooboy, how they contain their anticipation I have NO idea ) Seriously.... I'm not even making it up.... PRACTICING holding cows in fields on bits of string..... (shakes head) amazing...
  23. If you were especially sensitive to morphine, and had a morphine habit in the past or something, then the casomorphine from dairy products in a flapjack might be enough to theoretically get you hooked.
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