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  1. They made it! Another example that the vegan community works! cu Tomveg
  2. Hi Fallen_Horse, thanks for the information. I didn't know that site at all. Will have a look over there. Greetings Tomveg
  3. Hi Folks, I don't know, if this is the right place, but on the other site, I am sure, that there are enough vegan women here who love shoes My wife, who loves the shoes from Beyond Skin, found this kickstarter project: http://kck.st/18iCz8L The text sounds, as if they want to expand, but the video evokes the impression, that they need the money to survive, because their spanish supplier went under. I think, there are not enough vegan shoemakers already. The market shouldn't lose one. Sorry for my terrible English, but I am no native speaker/writer. Greetings Tomveg
  4. Maybe you think too much? When I follow your postings especially in the "Personal Relations"-section I get the impression, your heart is not in veganism. I agree, veganism is not as easy as vegetarianism. I have come quite a journey myself with on and offs. In my experience thinking "Should I eat this cheesecake?" is not helpful. Just saying no and tolerating no excuses, that has helped me. And: always have vegan snacks in the bag (soy-salami, sandwiches, pre-cooked food). And after all: If you have to force yourself to be a vegan, maybe it is not the right time for you. It is your decision. So: If you can't be a vegan now, just be happy as omnivore or vegetarian or whatever. And maybe try again later.
  5. Sorry to hear/read that. Maybe you can start the revolution
  6. Hi Zel, if you speak german try www.proteinmixer.com You can create your own vegan blend there. But they need a lot of time for delivery even in Germany. UK based www.myprotein.com delivers international too and they have a vegan blend and the search finds some vegan products too. Sorry, as I don't speak french I did never look for an online-shop there. By the way, how is it, to be a vegan in France? When I was on short vacation in Paris, it was difficult for me. Greets Tom
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