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  1. Came back to my hometown and started in a typical fitness gym unfortunately Warm up: Hammer curls 10 each 3x10 Face pulls 3x10 Hip bridge 2x15 Bench Press: Sets 1 x 10 reps x 20kg 1x4 x 27,5 1x3 x 30 1x3 x 35 4x3 x 37.5 Squat 1 x 10 x 20kg 1x 5 x 30 1x5 x 37.5 1x5 x 45 4x5 x 52.5 Bench Press 1x4 x 27.5 2x4 x 32.5 4x4 x 35
  2. Well my S&C Coach gave me the program to follow which is basically stronglifts 5x5 but with only a 2,5kg progression each week in order to study the form better at least for one month, adding some accessory exercises to do at least twice a week: Face pulls 2x10 hammer curls 2x10 back extension 3x10 hamstring curls 3x20 glutes raise 4x10 fatman pull 3x10 dumbbell press 2x15 tricep extensions with rubber bands 50-100 these are exercises that i will use to strengthen lats, shoulders, hamstrings, glutes and lower back so they can help me more in the 3 big lifts.. cant wait for monday
  3. Finally you´re back happy to see you are still going strong
  4. About the diet, i will try one week in this way, forgetting about processed tasty vegan fake meat and focus more on whole foods. an example: BREAKFAST Oat flakes 100g + soja milk 100 ml Myprotein Pea protein powder 20g + soja milk 200ml POST WORKOUT SHAKE Pea protein 40g + soja milk 300 ml + Blue berries 125g POST WO MEAL Salad- Raw Spinach 100 g, bell peppers 100g Red Lentils 80g + Amaranth 20g, Broccoli 100g and tomato sauce 200g, olive oil 14g DINNER Tofu 200g, brussel sprouts 200g Brazil nuts 20g Sunflower seeds 20g Almonds 20g 2419 kcal 243g carbs 81g fat 156g pro 49g fiber Let´s see if i will get rid of abdominal fat
  5. I have trained with the strength coach and he fixed my squat by using box squats and exercises to strengthen my hamstrings glutes and lower back. Also he said i should forget about intermittent fasting everyday or at least not so extreme as the warrior diet, i kinda trust him since he is a great powerlifter. Tomorrow i will see how it goes about deadlift and bench press seminar!! I am so happy
  6. Hey no cold as fucking ice in Berlin But i will move back to my hometown in Italy in April so i guess there is warmer. About the diet is perfect, i feel a bit hungry when i wake up but after 1 hour is gone.. Is actually a release to eat only in 4 hours, instead of counting macros every 3 hours eating, feeling tired, carrying food around and so on. The ankle is perfect.. I only discovered i have a bit of hypolordosis, my low back has basically no curve at all so i am trying to fix this with stretches and soon i will go to physiotherapist or chiropractic. I even took a strength and conditioning coach to be sure my forms on squats and deadlift are perfect because i noticed a "butt wink" when i go ass to grass..
  7. I will update my log at the end of february. I added some other exercises to my workouts (ABABAB) WORKOUT A paused low-bar squats 5x5 paused bench press 5x5 barbell row 5x5 barbell shrugs 3x10 weighted crunches 3x20 pushups 3xfail WORKOUT B paused low bar squat 5x5 OHP 5x5 deadlift 5x5 chin ups 3xfail dips 4x8 weighted crunches 3x20 5-10 mnutes of cardio after working out (burpees, jumping jacks) I add 2.5kg every workout on squat, bp, br, and ohp 5kg on Deadlift I am actually following the warrior diet (20 hours fasting 4 feasting) based on 2700kcal I am currently 180cm 23yrs old 88kg and 20%bf Looking up on getting stronger and maybe leaner My aim is to start a powerlifting training maybe next fall or winter.
  8. Hey Rob, During the fasting i only drink coffee water and tea, i eat nothing, except after the workouts i drink protein shake with 1 banana Yes i always train fasted but i think i will go a bit higher with calories because i am already fasting and i am afraid to waste energy and strength if i have such amount of calories
  9. wow rob thanks for all the tips!! I have recently started to use MYFITNESSPAL to track my macros and calories, considering that i am doing the warrior diet (i start to eat at 6pm and finish almost at 7:30pm) what do you think about this meal? I start with SALAD: spinach raw 50g carrots 200g cucumber 50g sunflower seeds 20g almonds 20g COOKED MEAL: quinoa 50g red lentils 50g olives Tofu 200g pepper 100g brown mushrooms 50g broccoli 100g Shake: Pea protein 80g 2 bananas 1 red apple 1800 kcal 187 carbs 57 fat 129 proteins I am 23yrs old 180cm x 88kg i calculated 20% fat mass I am doing strength training so squat, bench press, bb row, deadlift, and OHP
  10. I am starting to have problem with the squat, but only when i hold the bar behind my back, it seems difficult to let the bar go a bit more down on my back and the bones of my shoulders start to hurt and i feel like my hands are not holding properly.. i have no problem with going down and squatting but holding the bar it is a nightmare.. probably because i do not own a squat rack and to start the squatting position i do an assisted power clean.. i will buy soon a simple rack i hope that will change the situation
  11. Hey Rob thats great to read you tried this diet want to share some of your opinions? I have been overweight after an injury in march in which was avoided to do sports before the end of my recovery which was in october.. I gained something like 10 kg more, i tried the warrior diet for 5 days and lost 3 kg, but i am a bit concerned about a few things: - during the overeating i cannot eat all my daily calories - the day after when i workout i feel very very warm when before i didnt even have a drop of sweat, my heart goes very very fast and sometimes (for example doing squats) i feel like losing my senses(during the workout i drink 1 big bottle of water with multivitamin and 8g of BCAA), i asked to other people who follow TWD and they said is normal the first days.. i hope so - are the kg i lost from bodyfat or muscles? In a few days i will buy the book so maybe they will have everything explained there, but some tips would be great Thanx Rob! ps during the undereating phase i do not have small raw snacks like Ori says, because i know that if i eat 1 celery stick then i want to eat everything so i just keep my stomach closed
  12. i dont know i feel like i enjoy more raw food, but i tried a few days this paleo and ate raw sprouted legumes as some vegan paleos advice, but i felt really bad nausea for 2 days diarrhea and hunger loss.. i am following the warrior diet now and during the overeating phase i eat a lot of raw greens, nuts seeds fruits and add cooked proteins like some burgers or red lentils and a protein shake to reach my daily protein needs.. i feel way much better..
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