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  1. Thank you so much. Is it good to do only partial pullups instead of full range deadhang? Deadhangs are so hard on the elbow. But will partial pullups (where you start at midrange and then go to top) help in building lats?
  2. thanks for the tip, eiji. But doing it throughout the day is not practical if you're a working person. Can GTG be done within a certain time, like any regular workout? For instance, doing 16 sets of 1 rep would be 16 reps. So can one do 16 reps in twenty minutes or so?
  3. Hi friends, I can only do 3 chins max, so I am planning on doing just one rep at a time so that per day I'd have completed 20 reps. Is this a good method? If I do 3 in a row, I'd have exhausted myself - so I thought I could do only one at a time. Will this eventually help me do more? Thanks.
  4. Hi Rob, five pounds seem too little, Drew Baye says 25 pounds is possible in the first six months. I follow BBS approach but use dips instead of bench sometimes, or rows instead of pulldowns.
  5. Hi Rob thanks again. I worked out last Sunday so if there is no increase in size by this Sunday does that mean I haven't fully recovered? Must I measure my arm or chest with tape to find out if overcompensation has taken place?
  6. Hi Rob, thanks for posting this, it is inspiring. I am training in the HIT style, one set to failure (sometimes with rest pause) but only once every week, 5 compound exercises. You said recovery is important but i feel even one week gap is not enough since I am an ectomorph with poor recovery capacities. U think HIT style training once every two weeks is enough? Also is overcompensation (or growth) measurable? For instance, if I work out today and wait for another week or two, during that rest week overcompensation takes place? which means size will increase during that week?
  7. Hi Everybody, I understand that High intensity training is done for a brief period, low frequency and low volume. But I am experimenting with bodyweight movements like dips, atlas pushups, diamonds etc. I am doign two sets of each - so basically 6 sets for the chest. Is that overkill, considering these are only bodyweight exercises? If it's pure weight training, I'd only do one or two sets for chest or any muscle group.......but since this is bodyweight, I felt I could increase the volume a bit. Is this right, or do I keep the volume low, like maybe three sets instead of six? Thanks.
  8. Hi CO, ppl say one shouldn't do ab exercises because it will increase belly size (and that's not good when one has belly fat).
  9. Thanks, Gaia. Just two questions. Is white rice okay? Another thing occurred to me. At some point (let's say at 77 kilos), my caloric intake just won't be enough to add weight. So weight will naturally stop increasing at that point. But since my lifting will continue, will stomach fat automatically go? Does that make sense?
  10. I weigh only 72 kilos but have a little fat around stomach. So I thought maybe I could go on a 500 calorie deficit while lifting weights. I am assuming this would target stomach fat (since i have no fat elsewhere). So even if I lose 3 kilos, at least those 3 kilos will be from stomach area. Once that happens, I can start clean bulking and reach 75 kilo. Is this plan ok, or will I lose muscle if I start calorie deficit at this time?
  11. I want to clean bulk, not dirty bulk. In the last four months, I have gained 7 kilos ... so basically I've gained almost 2 kilos each month. Is this a good rate, good in the sense that the 7 kilos will be mostly muscle? I've been working out during those months. My point is, if a person gains too much weight per month (like 5 kilos or so), then much of it will be fat. In this context, is 2 kilo a month a safe rate?
  12. If I only want strong upper body can I then focus on dips bench etc. Alone? I am only be becoming tired and weak doing leg work.
  13. If I do legwork like squats or deadlifts my body feels tired. Sometimes I even get fever the next day probably because my body cant take the strain. So do I just focus on upper body and ignore legs?
  14. If u eat too little, the body becomes tired etc. So u will know at once that u arent getting enough food. But how to know u r eating too much wthout counting calories or checking weight? Is there some indication in the body, like too much farting etc.?
  15. Is 75 kg a good weight for a guy 5'10 or 5'11? Good in the sense is it enough to do body recomp with that weight?
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