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  1. I have a certain opinion on that topic not all people might agree with. So I am just going to say it and it's up to you what you do with it =) You are young. You are a pubescent male. Your body is still growing. Don't cut yet. Use your body, that is full of growth hormones to build even more muscle (give it a year or even more). Of course if you are overweight, eat healthy but don't starve yourself. It will never ever me easier for you to build muscle than right now with all this growth hormones. Use this time!
  2. Well... although I've been working out for 8 months now (4x a week, upper-lower body split, progressive overload) I don't see the biggest results. I eat very healthy, so that can't be the issue. Protein-intake is the only thing I could change to hopefully gain more muscles. I tried five or six different protein powders. So far I couldn't find one, that I like. They all taste horrible to me. I always make a smoothie out of it with lots of fruits, but I can still taste the powder, and I really hate it. Another problem is: If I eat, lets say, 30 g of protein in one meal, I am not going to eat for the rest of the day. I don't know why, but protein takes all my appetite away (which can be a good thing, just not if you are trying to build muscle). But I am going to try pigeon peas and see how that works =)
  3. Hi! I am afraid, all the Tofu, Saitan and Beans cause my stomach to bloat to an extend that is really painful. Has anyone experiences with that? I would like to get rid of that I have been eating high protein foods for two or three months now. Before that, I was fine (but I mostly ate carbohydrates). I don't know how to eat enough protein without Tofu, Saitan and Beans... Any ideas? =)
  4. sorry, did not see your answer earlier =) Well, I started working out last April, so it is almost a year. However, back then I started with running twice a week for 25 minutes (I started working out because I had a heart problem), and slowly increased my workout, changed it a 100 times... now I workout four times a week, which I have been doing for several months now (lets say 6 months). So in the beginning it was only cardio, by now it changed to only lifting weights as I like that the most (although I intent to start running and such as soon as it gets warmer - I hate crosstrainers). I'm sure I could be fitter. Also I'm a person that gets constantly sick so I have at least one week a month, where I feel like crap and therefore only workout once or twice a week (which is - I'm sure - one of the reasons I'm not seeing the biggest results). @Rob: I now rest about two minutes - so I hope I'm on the save side
  5. Hi =) Hm... is there a supplementation-free method as well? Because these things taste awful to me I prolonged the rest-phase in between sets. That helped! But I'm not sure if that is counterproductive...
  6. Hello! I would like to know how you handle your energy during your workout. My routine consists of five to seven exercises. After the third exercise I start to get really tired and I have to force myself to go on. I eat a full meal (about 600 kcal) two hours before my workout but I still feel like I'm running out of energy. Is it just me or do you feel the same? Maybe that is what working out is supposed to feel like
  7. <3 thank you very much! I will alter the lower body workout (I felt this was to much...). I think I'm okay with the intensity. While doing deadlifts for instance, I'm almost always on the verge to drop the bar as I cannot hold it any longer. Or sometimes during Benchpress there is no way I can move the dumbbell any further. It does not hurt but my hands just won't do it... In squats I notice to lose my form if I'm going to heavy. The weights I lift are a joke, I know, but my babymuscles can't handle any more =( I don't know how I will ever eat that much But I will check her out for sure! Thank you for your advice! =)
  8. Hello! First of all, English is not my mother tongue but I still hope what I write makes sense to you Bear with me! I'm a 29 year old woman, 1,61 m (5.2 ft) tall, 50 kg (110 lbs), and I have been vegan for four years now. In February 2016 I startet working out as I had troubles with my heart due to stress. That's why I did cardio (running, cycling) according to my doctor. After three month I started weight training - and I liked it! My heart is okay now, I no longer have any troubles with it. I started weight training with the livefit programm by Jamie Eason (bodybuilding.com), which I found 6 weeks later was totally insane. After six weeks I was overtraining so hard, that I could not fall asleep at night. When I slept I had to sleep 10 to 12 hours. My body hurt so much that I needed help from my husband getting dressed. I lost my appetite completely but forced myself to eat enough. That was when I looked for another program. I stumbled on aworkoutroutine.com. This was half the work (if not less) and I started to actually enjoy weight lifting again and feeling good. Unfortunately I'm not the healthiest person, so I wasn't able to do all the suggested exercises (hurt my tailbone two years ago), so I changed them to fit my needs. I'm now into 6 month of working out. This is my schedule: -------------------------- Upper Body Workout (twice a week): Bench Press Shoulder Press Cable Row OR Lat Pulldowns Bicep Curl Tricep Press Down (I think it's called) Delt raise Lower Body (twice a week) Deadlifts Squats Lunges Leg Press Abs (Crunches, Leg Raise) 3 sets each, 8-10 reps. Once I reach 10 reps, I use more weight the next time. Two weeks ago I started to incorporate HIIT-Routines (2-4 times a week). Nutrition: ------------ I tracked what I eat for four weeks (well... this sentence is certainly not correct) to see where I'm going wrong. After those four weeks I stopped, as I got too obsessed with it... also it was annoying. What I learned from it was that I probably don't eat enough fat (only 30 g a day) and that I have to eat more protein. But I'm doing this now (try to go with 50 g protein (that is 1g of protein per 1kg bodyweight) a day and as I eat a lot of salads I just use more oil). I usually drink water only, when I eat bread or noodles, there are always whole grain. I eat a lot of lentils, beans, tofu, as well as nuts, vegetables, fruits. I do not really have a sweet tooth (lucky me). So all in all I think I eat really healthy. We eat at restaurants roughly once a week. This might be a not so healthy meal. But that's one meal in a whole week. Although I feel like I'm doing everything right, it seems like I don't. Because within 6 month, this is my progress (sorry, those pictures are huge). before: after: I mean... there is hardly a difference. My goal was to build muscle and then reduce my body fat. The only thing that happened was, that I now have a tiny biceps! I don't see that my legs got bigger, I don't see any muscles on my back (sorry, i don't have photos of that)... I did not lose fat really. My weight is the same. I really don't get how this is even possible What am I doing wrong? If I ate too little, I should have lost more fat, right? If I ate enough, I should have gained more muscle by now. Any advice? Am I doing something wrong or does it just take more time than that?
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