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  1. I am starting a 30 week training period for a marathon. I was recently eating totally raw. I want to go back to that. Could someone lead me to some good resources on vegan marathon running. I'll be running the Sarasota Grouper Run in February to raise money to go and teach at a pastor's school in India. I will be 39 and 10 months at the race. I was 268 pounds and 5'10 last October. Now I'm 206 so Im small enough to start running slowly. Veganism and fasting were the biggest disciplines for my first 60 pounds of weight loss. Now it's time to work also.
  2. I just joined the forum and received warm responses from several members and I appreciate this. It was mentioned that I may start a thread on the topic of Chistianity and veganism. Even though I do not hold the opinion that Christians must be vegans I can see one good argument from the Bible to eat nothing with a face. In Daniel 1, Daniel and his three friends were taken from conquered Judah to Babylon. They were to be trained by the chief of the eunuchs to serve the king. They refused the 'rich' food of the king's table. The Hebrew word for the food that Daniel and his friends chose was 'food coming from seed.' They chose vegetables and water, the diet Adam and Eve ate. After ten days Daniel 1:15 says, '...their features appeared better and fatter in flesh than all the young men who ate the portion of the king's delicacies.' Rev. George Malkamus, a fellow Baptist Pastor and founder of the Halleluah Acres diet, wrote a book called 'Why Christians Get Sick.' They eat junk and expect to live healthy. They take pharmacueticals which are poison and expect to get better. I welcome anyone in this forum to go to http://www.morningstarbaptistchurch.net/forum and start posting articles in our 'Healthy Living' section.
  3. I have been involved off and on in the vegan dietary plan for about five years. I take a Biblical and practical view. I am teaching my congregation about Daniel and his friends' choice of vegetables over wine and meat in Daniel 1 tonight. I do not take the vegan position from a political or ethical (toward animals) standpoint but I do find I have much in common with those who do, from a health standpoint. I am interested in getting back involved in body training again. I welcome any body training advice or if anyone lives near Ft. Myers Florida that is on this forum please let me know. I was 267 pounds and 5'10 in October of last year. I am still 225 (about fifty five pounds overweight) and am almost 39. Most of my weight loss was from 21 days of all raw and a couple of one week spiritual fasts. I would ask that people would pray for me that I can be a good example to my flock as I tell them the benefits of veganism and the problems w/ the drug industry. In Christ
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