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New video coming next week guys, some brutal raw deadlifting and I can honestly say I haven't pushed that hard for a 1RM before!


There's a little bit of carnage, will be up by Monday. Final sets were an attempt at 440lb. bodyweight was 144. I am now just 11lb away from setting a new NZ raw deadlift record

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Brah, your lifts are totally friggin' metal for your bodyweight.


You're at almost 3.2x bodyweight. That's beastmode.

Thanks, I feel there's still plenty of room for improvement so watch this space.


7 weeks out from my meet, hoping I can nail a 429 deadlift if I'm having a good day. The 400 I hit in the most recent video I posted above didn't feel overly tough, I had more in the tank.

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This was from the weekend just gone...




Would be happy with a 264 squat or anything higher for this meet, but really focusing on bringing them up now as they're a pretty weak lift for me. I'm sure a lot of it is technique ~ learning how to sit back into the squat will make a noticeable difference I'm sure. Not overly worried about bench or DL, they're not too bad.

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