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Low estrogen levels -- no period

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Too bad this forum doesn't have a section for females should topics like no periods come up.


Anyway has anybody that ever experience low estrogen/vit D due to no period, how does your body feel after during and after workouts? Lately Ialways feel overt rained. Getting through a workout gets harder and harder. Also the next day my body is sluggish and sore. Can anybody relate.

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Did you have your iron checked out? or B12 levels? or Folic Acid levels?


I was diagnosed with low iron (the tests check the level of iron in the blood - so available iron, not stored away), and have been doing vegan whole food iron supplement and doing better and better (in acceptable range now). Though I was diagnosed early, my periods were horrendous! The doctor explained that the body was trying to compensate for the low iron blood by supplying lots of it in case there was a baby who would need more of it to develop. Maybe your body won't even attempt to try it if it is way too low?

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Hi comingtocyberspace


As per my slight digression on the other thread .... and to answer a bit more to your query...I am now aged 50 and been Vegan around 18 years... I used to do Triathlons training twice a day for 6 days a week and once a day on my rest day...this regime included a 22-32 mile run every Monday..I add this last piece of information especially as its a 'fat burner type run' and I used to wear a hear-rate monitor to keep my hear beats per min under 120...


...I did not look like I was a Vegan I had another 2 stone of weight on me and it was mostly muscle and a bit more fat (but healthy looking fat)...I still had periods as regular a clock work..so I couldn't say being a Vegan affected me adversely...


...but the intake of soya may have been the beginning of a slow deterioration re the Thyroid, although it has taken around 20 years for this to possible affect me???


What I haven't mentioned is that I was born with a genetic condition that affects my breathing...this is why I no longer do triathlons...I cannot maintain aerobic activity for long (unless it's walking) I can't even jog let alone run anymore...but I can sprint (as it's anaerobic)...not doing such an intense training regime any longer is why I have lost so much muscle and IMO didn't appear to have anything do with being Vegan...


However, what I should also say is my weight stayed up (perhaps lost 7-10lbs) for many years after giving up such an intense training regime, as I hill walked and cycled a lot...It is only the past 5 years or so that I noticed that I am getting thinner and thinner. I put this mostly down to doing much less exercise...


...if you don't use it...you lose it...


I also have to consider hormonal changes at my age...plus aging...it is known that as people get older they start to lose muscle...


....I can't stand getting thinner anymore ...so I thought bodybuilding is ideal in several ways:

-I've always loved the look of body builders - motivation for me

-It can be very anaerobic (so suits the way my breathing condition has deteriorated)

-I have found a new sport to get into

-If you're a person who listens to their intuition. ..well mine has been crying out at me for several years to take this up, saying it's what my body needs...and I have a sneaky feeling it's going to help improve my breathing and therefore my aerobic capacity (I can improve it somewhat but it's like always being at altitude but never adjusting properly )


In terms of what you were saying re your TSH levels are high (same as me but I'm borderline high) did you get your T3 and T4 levels tested too? Your diet seems pretty healthy (not that I'm an exper ) do you eat much in the way of veg? especially the dark green leafy variety? Do you get good amount of vit B12, B6 and iron. Do you eat your protein foods in a 'amino acid complementary' way?(although some people say you don't need to but I prefer to get my amino acids together...Do you think you might be gluten intolerant ie affecting nutrient intake in the stomach?....Is your TSH reading way over the upper threshold of acceptable?


....also you mention your weight and height...I have heard that b/b women with low b/fat % can stop having periods...I have also read that the more fat you have on you the more estrogen the body produces, this as you know is tied to periods...I don't know what you body fat levels are? Would it bother you to put on some fat to see if your periods return (doesn't mean you have to be unfit)...but your period problem could be iron deficiency... all sorts of things... so the better and more balanced your diet the better...sorry to state the obvious BTW I used to carry more fat, as mentioned above, whilst being a Vegan.


I hope my personal experience helps to alleviate some fears? Also to alleviate any more concerns of being a Vegan and getting thinner or not getting bigger, whilst I have only been weight training for 4 weeks now (only 3/4 times a week) my biceps and triceps have noticeably grown, my upper thighs are developing new muscles (not the quads but smaller ones up near the flexing part of the leg), my dead-lift (my favourite leg exercise ) weight started at 20kg (incl bar) I have recently this week reached my first set of 6 at 50kg (although I still need my back to adjust to this weight to get proper form, at one point I couldn't lift the bar much more than an inch or two off the floor)..so happy days...


If I can sort the thyroid perhaps I can make much more in the way of gains..hope you do too

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I have studied classical tantra and ancient spirituality for a decade. Slaying the red dragon is a metaphor from Taoism for the end of menstruation as part of the perfection of the spiritual vehicle, the temple, the body divine.

Slaying the red dragon is said to occur in a women of child bearing age when she is in such control of her desires she no longer gives in to lower appetites of flesh and gluttony, or toxic behaviors. This type of purified lifestyle includes a strict yogic vegan high raw diet with pure water and plenty of sunshine and exercise and healthy vegan partners fluids only.


This type of body will naturally slay the red dragon in ancient literature. So, instead of seeking to get your blood back, consider it perhaps best gone! However, if you take testosterone or other artificial chemicals to enhance your muscles, then of course, you may not be slaying the red dragon by purity, but merely by artificial induction...a very different thing!

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