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Looking for feedback

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Hi all,


I am looking for some feedback on what I am currently doing in the gym and eating. I appreciate any comments. Thanks in advance.


Background on me. Female, 52 years old, 5'7". Vegan for 11 years. Just returned to the gym after a FOURTEEN year absence during which time I did very little exercise and gained about 40 lbs. Lost the weight through severe calorie reduction (not good I know) but have about 15 more lbs to lose to be where I want to be (typical spots of thigh, hips and stomach). My goal is the look of a bikini or figure competitor although I have no desire to compete. Have been going to the gym for 10 weeks, 1st month was very easy since my body was not used to doing anything but since then have been lifting heavy and increasing almost every week as I can. I am very happy with the results I'm seeing. Lots of strength gains, good definition, cardio capacity but no loss in blubber unfortunately.

I do a two day split, lower body one day, upper body the next then a day of rest. I do 30 minutes on the treadmill before lifting. I loathe cardio but like to hike and bike so increased cardio ability is important to me. I do 3 sets of everything with between 8 to 12 reps. I am full of energy during the routine and leave the gym definitely feeling like I worked out.


Food is a bit of a problem for me. I struggle to eat enough and believe my body is in starvation mode due to extreme calorie reduction. Have spent my entire life trying to eat as little as possible each day to get thinner. Beginning this month I am eating 100 grams of protein per day and around 1100 calories. All plant based of course and clean and healthy. This month I also started having a protein shake after a workout which is soymilk, I scoop of protein powder and 1 scoop of Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer. Too early to tell if this has made a difference. Supplements are B12, and a multivitamin.


Here is my routine.


Lower body day (listed in the order I do them) Sorry if I use the wrong names but hopefully you will know what exercise I mean.

30 min cardio

Back extension (hyper-extension)

Leg curl

Seated leg press



Stiff legged deadlift

Cable kickbacks

Incline situps (up to 100)

Leg press

Hamstring machine

One legged hamstring machine

Walking lunges


Upper body day

30 min cardio

Dumbell rows

Dumbell back flys

Chest press

Dumbell front flys

Cable rows

Tricep pressdown (rope)

Concentration curls for biceps

Bench dips for triceps

Roman chair

Incline situps (up to 100)

Lat pulldown

Lateral dumbell raise

Front dumbell raise


Sorry if this is really long but I wanted to give the full picture. Again thanks for any comments.

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I think you should eat more. 1100 kcal per day is too low. I don't think anyone should have their calories below about 1500 per day.


Your lifting routine looks okay, but the order of exercises could be improved. I rearranged the order of exercises in your current plan slightly to increase safety and effectiveness. Exercises that are difficult, important, or work large muscles should be toward the beginning of your workout. Exercises that are easier, less important, or target small muscles should be toward the end of your workout. Abdominal and other core work should be last. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you!


Lower body day

30 min cardio




Leg Press

Leg curl / hamstring machine

Back extension

Some type of abdominal work


Upper body day

30 min cardio

Lat pulldown

Chest press

Some type of rows

Bench dips

Tricep pressdowns

Concentration curls

Front dumbbell raise

Lateral dumbbell raise

Some type of abdominal work (Roman chair is fine if that is what you like).

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agreed on more calories. 6 meals a day and/or snacks. i would personally do you split 4-5 days a week looking something like thi:

1. legs/calves/abs

2. Chest/bis

3. Back/hams

4. shoulders tris

5. Cardio/abs


You could add some HIT cardio whenever you want after you lift to zap some extra fat, but I think your muscles may respond better if you give them more time to rest and separate them out.


clean diet important

water important, at least a gallon a day.

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