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Getting Buff-y

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I need to fix the picture links on my first post sometime..


Yesterday was finals for my firefighter I/II class, and I passed each skill! I also completed the final written exam with a 94%, so while I have yet to graduate I'm a firefighter! The classes we have left to take before graduation day (hazmat ops and rit/mayday) are separate certificates.

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Lower body on 10/9 after finally getting back into the gym.


Leg Press - 20x90, 15x140, 12x160, 10x180, 10x180

SL DL - 15x45, 12x55, 10x65, 8x75

Perfect Squat - 15x, 12x10, 10x20

Leg Extension - 15x30, 12x37.5, 10x45, 10x45

Lying Leg Curl - 15x30, 12x35, 10x40, 10x40

Calf Raises - 20x115, 15x135, 12x155, 10x175


warriorB, thanks! That is a good suggestion although I don't know how much different I look after my first big gains. I'll work on taking some soon!

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