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  1. SPROUTS give lots of calories. like sprouted lentils and chickpeas


    I just sprouted some mung beans. Now I still cant find where sprouted beans give a lot of calories.


    If you go to calorie-count.com you see that


    Calories in Mung Beans, Mature Seeds Raw: 718 cals in 1 Cup




    Calories in Mung Beans, Mature Seeds, Sprouted Raw: 31 calories in 1 cup



    I sprouted some Mung Beans recently and always wondered about this. Now if I ate the unsprouted beans, thats an amazing amount of calories for cheap. I would loe this. But when you sprout it a cup goes dramatically down to 31 cals. Thats not much at all.



    yeah i didnt mention mung beans. i mentioned lentils and chickpeas....


    those are the two I find to give me a lot of calories and protein too

  2. Depending on how you ate before and what the goals you have are it will be very difficult to eat 3000+ calorie raw diet. Its possible but your gonna need to eat tons of fatty food like coconut and avocados. It is possible though...you've just gotta eat as much raw food as you can. If you just want modest gains, eating enough to be satisfied should be more than adequate.



    SPROUTS give lots of calories. like sprouted lentils and chickpeas

  3. I found an easy way to take in raw calories for me.


    I have a very well balanced 100% raw diet right now, and I am gaining muscle mass and strength on. I decided to go back to 100% raw as of a few days ago, and I am already gaining. I was about 80-100% raw for about half a year and dont have much to detox as I had seriously lost about 40lbs of cooked muscle).


    I eat lots and lots of fruit (sweet and nonsweet), and I also eat nuts/seeds/fats, greens/sprouts. I found for me that greens/sprouts help me to grow. while fruits cleanse me out and give me nutrients and vitamins.

    I mainly mono eat, but I also make myself some raw hummus to put on salad, and I like to make trail mix.

    and will eventually get into making some raw meals, but nothing fancy. no dehydrating. only use a blender and a knife to prepare my meals if Im going to make something.


    some things I find good for calories and cheap too:


    -sprouted lentils

    -sunflower seeds



    -almonds (sometimes)

    -pumpkin/Pepita seeds


    typical day of what I eat right now (all raw):


    -1,000-2,000 calories sprouted lentils







    -box of dates (800g)



    -banana (when theyre not expensive)




    -sprouted mungbeans





    -dried coconut

    -sprouted chickpeas

    -peppers (red, yellow, orange)

    -walnuts (picked straight off the tree)

    -sesame seeds (200-400g)

    -sunflower seeds (200-400g)

    -pumpkin/pepita seeds (150-300g)

    -flax seeds



    this is just a sample of what Im eating right now. I try to eat in season and to have a variety and to mix it up everyday. I eat based off of the knowledge I know and what my body truly craves. this is working for me. no idea if it will work for you.


    hope this helps and gives you some ideas.


    I find that as being RAW, I do not need less calories. I need to match the same amount of calories as if I was cooked. It is better quality calories when theyre raw, but I still need to take in the same amount.

    I do not weigh myself. I go based off of how I feel and look.


    I find lots and lots of raw calories builds muscle for me, combined with proper exercise, rest, sunshine, nutrients, and vitamins.


    it is a balance. but under-eating will not build muscle for me.


    I find watermelon to help after lifting too for recovery...same with pineapple.

  4. This reminds me of something I saw on welikeitraw.com.




    This guy is interviewed about his experiences in the raw diet. There are pictures of him off to the left. He is a pretty ripped guy.



    holy crap! that is amazing. thank you for posting this.


    the dude is like perfect size. I wonder how he attained it all on a raw diet.

    I look forward to listening to the interview.


    btw, Im back to eating raw too, cooked foods = bleh in my body

  5. Actually, it was really easy. If you end up getting a diesel older than about '92, you'll need to replace the fuel lines. If you get a newer one you don't need to do anything. You'll need to replace your fuel filter after 2-3 tanks of biodiesel, as biodiesel runs smooth and removes all of the corrosion diesel leaves behind, which can clog your filter.


    I'm happy to give tons more info. Maybe I'll make a separate post on here.


    you should make a seperate post on how to do it. it be very useful.


    Im looking into doing the same thing one day. converting an old diesel van

  6. A great band - Listened to them a long time ago!!! I have not given their latest cd a listen though. I remember seeing a local show and some dude was wearing a Stretch shirt - we talked about how you don't see many people with shirts or that know about them.


    That was such a long time ago though!!!






    stretch has changed up some members and have definitely gone more pop. it took me a while to get to like the latest cd, but its wearing off on me

  7. For a Second there I thought Gyre and Topher were brothers or something... I am not trying to offend anyone - but damn I was kind of confused...


    Topher: Nice hat man!!!


    Also Offense: You have thee best damn Avatar on VBB&Fitness by FAR!!!! haha


    Great pics - Cheers,




    haha "gyre" and I keep getting that in person. we have similar mannerisms too.


    hat = stretch arm strong (one of my favorite bands)

  8. wegmans is the coolest store on earth.

    the place is loaded with vegan and organic foods! from soyicecream to wheatgluten free vegan pizza crust, and everything in between.

    this store is amazing!


    its cheaper than wholefoods and any local grocery store around here.


    so amazing i just discovered this place. im in love with it

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