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  1. I am looking for some straps or other device that could help me to be safely hang by the feet from the ceiling... I know this may sound silly or kinky or...but anyway could someone help me with this? I have even considered making it myself but that would require some velcro sewing skills or something similar...
  2. Thank you all! (please have some ) I have thought about what you have said, also made some research and decided that I will eat more wholefoods instead of buying suplements. I learned about protein extraction (acid wash, alcohol extraction, concentrates, isolates,...) and it seems somehow weird to me as a person who prefers natural foods,... so chia seeds and chlorella will be part of my diet from now on. Also I will be using other complete proteins as amaranth, quinoa, hempseeds, tempeh, pumpkin seeds and buckwheat more often (I've tried spirulina for a few weeks before and I felt my body rejecting it). Glutamine comes from glutamic acid, therefore I will add a glutamic acid rich source to my post-workout shake, for example lupin flour, sesame milk (or butter), almond milk (or butter) or peanuts and hope it will have a similar effect or at least a healthy effect! It seems that creatine is made by our bodies from three separe aminoacids (methionine, glycine and arginine) wich come from the food we eat, the better vegan sources are: soy, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, chlorella, spirulina, peanuts, lupins, brazilnuts and sunflower seeds. I read about people having adverse effects from synthetic creatine, like cramps and I would really like to avoid it! I am also tempted to use glucosamine because of my joints (and of my dogfriend too!), I appreciate all your insights! Neu
  3. Don't use it at all, it's better to soak and cook your beans with a strip of kombu, it will help to soften the beans but also improve nutrition.
  4. Hi! I have used a soy based protein powder and have also tried a hemp based one (wich had an awful taste!! ), but now I need to order a new one and I think I will need the help of all the experts from this forum! Before you start let me list a few things you will have to take in consideration: 1) No good vegan brands available here, I will have to order it from the UK or US, so shipping taxes will make it more expensive. 2) I can not pay 50euros for a month suply. 3) Want another form of protein besides soy. Also, do you think is a good idea (if I want to gain 10kg!) to invest in stuff like Creatine, Glutamine, Nitric Oxide or even HGH I am not serious about the hormones thing but Asteroids is something I am willing to try... Thank you!
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