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  1. Hi, Just wondered if anyone could recommend a weight training programme for martial artists. In my case Muay Thai but would be interested in the broader discussion anyway. I used to have a book on this by Geoff Thomson but lent it to someone and never got it back. My main aim is to build power but also to strengthen muscle around the joints, shoulders etc. to prevent injury. Also how to time it, I aim to train Muay Thai two - three times a week (1 and 1/2 hour class) or perhaps swap one of those sessions for a grappling art, and was looking at doing weights in between maybe twice a week. Also nutrition, I get a lot of knocks and bruises so try to make sure I get a lot of green leafy veg, raw where possible and also supplement with Kelp tablets, any other tips? Cheers, chok-dee
  2. Thanks for your help everyone, I'll give freezing it a go. Definitely want to avoid GM so thanks for that tip too.
  3. Hi, Anyone know any cheap sources of Tofu in the UK? Anyone have any experience freezing Tofu? Is it a viable option? Ideally I'd like to buy a big block of Tofu, chop it up and store it, either in the fridge or the freezer. cheers, chok-dee
  4. This is the green shake I have for breakfast every morning, really nice and sets you up for the day. 2-3 bananas Dessert spoon of oatmeal 2 Teaspoon of ground almonds Teaspoon of tahnini Very Large hand full of raw Spinach or Kale Cover with Soya Milk and blend. Very nice, if you can't really taste the greens and they add a huge amount of nutrition. Cheers, Chok-Dee
  5. Well in the past I've had Tennis Elbow and Carpal tunnel syndrome probably related to working in IT and possibly playing guitar etc. It took years to get rid of them, the big break through was some stretches I found on the internet, and of course lots of icing. I've also had bursitis on the hip and elbow in the past. My current problem is in my shoulder, probably caused by holding the pads at Muay Thai classes, which I recently restarted (probably with a little too much enthusiasm after a break of a few years ) I'm currently treating with ice and Ibuprofen. I'm also changing my sleeping position which has actually had a dramatic effect. I used to sleep on my side with my arm above my head which was putting a lot of pressure on the shoulder. The reason I'm looking into the nutrition side is because I seem particularly prone to these injuries even though I'm only in my mid thirties. Thanks for all the advice btw this a great forum, and Vegan too which is just great!
  6. Interesting, thanks I'll give that a try. Cheers, chok-dee
  7. Hi, I seem to be plagued by tendon injuries and tendonitis in a number of activities from playing instruments to martial arts and running. I was wondering if there was anything I could do nutritionally to prevent or help recovery from such problems, e.g increase certain proteins or vitamins. thanks, chok-dee
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