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  1. Hey everyone! I'm looking for a new protein 'shake' and I'm not sure what to get. Previously I had the Soy Isolate from myprotein.co.uk but I was wondering if anyone recommended anything else? I eat quite a lot of soy so I thought I could maybe try something new. I've not been working out for a while but I'm starting up again (after emigrating and starting a new job!), I want something to take post-workout but also something I could take for some extra protein during the day. I'm currently based in Cologne but if there's things I could get from the UK I could get them brought as friend's come regularly. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks everyone! @chewybaws - I've never really had any problems with routine, it's just that I've never needed to actually put weight on. I think I'm doing alright lately so I'll keep it up and see how it goes, thanks anyway man... I appreciate it. @vivalasvegans - ha thanks about the name, it's a small ethical clothing company that I run... Have a good week
  3. My name is Darryl, I'm 27 and currently living in London. I've only been vegan for 6 months now but I've been vegetarian for a long time. I found this website whilst looking for some workout/diet advice
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