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  1. Thank you. Yes, so much to tweak for the next time around, but at least I got on the stage in the best shape (for me.)
  2. Hi there, I'm a raw/living foods instructor/chef via the teachings of Alissa Cohen. Alissa teaches more high end gourmet style foods, but her book is packed with hundreds of recipes you can utilize in your journey & is very eye opening. Please be mindful that you can still overindulge as a raw foodie with over doing the natural fats, lots of avacados, high nuts etc., I actually put ON weight initially because I was so amazed at all the cookies, pies, & raw chocolate goodies I could create...but it'll get you in to trouble. So, just keep your greens at 50%+ when embarking upon this journey into living foods. There's soooo many lovely raw dishes that taste way better than their cooked counterparts. I'm going out on retreat for 2 weeks but will check back with you to see how you're going. Oh btw, I just did my first figure comp. I started training at 26% body fat, when I hit the stage I was at 12% (still a bit high for figure competing, but it was a great sense of accomplishment to be MY PERSONAL BEST, so only ever do this for YOU.) *I'm the one in the center in the pic.*
  3. Fitchick, your measurements sound good..I wouldn't focus on the weight LOSS but more so the LEAN MUSCLE GAIN. Eat more & more often otherwise you'll forego the expense of putting on Lean Body Mass which is what you want. I just did my first figure comp, and depending on the federation you go into, they tend to love tall gals like yourself that have just enough definition, but still are very feminine in their figure. If you buckle down, train with heavy weights & start eating MORE...more as in more large green salads, add sprouts which are high in protein & nutrients, so that you're getting complete foods. Green smoothies are great, but add more greens no more "milks" just water, and back off on high sugar fruits. A more veggie based Green Smoothie is: spinach, red pepper, carrot, apple & a beetroot. Or do apple & parsley, spinach & banana, or watermelon & celery...adding to all of them Chia Seeds which are another protein source you can get at whole foods store. Hope this helps
  4. Well I didn't place, but it was definitely a great rush & a huge sense of accomplishment. Onto the next one, but will lean out & attempt to drop about 10 more pounds by then!
  5. 2 more weeks. have leaned out quite a bit since i cut out fruits & most of my simple carbs....also added a few more cardio workouts in the mix. Fingers crossed! Will post the results!
  6. Just added walking lunges last week with 25# dumbells in each hand...my a$$ is still hurting! Thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks! My trainer isn't varying my leg routine much and that has me feeling pretty anxious. Am doing stationary lunges with rack/bar or w/20# dumbells, but feel that the movement of walking would be more beneficial as well. Also adding ad/abductor machine to the mix.
  8. I had issue, best holistic way to treat is eating a few brazil nuts a day as well as, kelp/iodine supplementation.
  9. Hello all, I'm a raw food educator/chef and am going at my 1st Figure Comp on Sept 19th here in Brisbane Australia with the INBA. I've been training for 18 weeks, on a high raw foods/vegetarian diet. I'd like someone to chime in on whether or not I should cut out or possibly cycle my 3-4x weekly rice consumption (having it in sushi rolls, cucumber/avo/seaweed rolls & with Thai vege/tofu dish.) I teach 8 high intensity Zumba Fitness classes over 4 days per week (460 calories burned each class) as well as, hit the weight training on 4 days per week 2 body parts daily. I also do yoga 2-3x week. Here's my typical daily intake: 3 egg whites, spinach, veggie omlette 1 skim latte weight train: BCAA powder mixed with water Pre/during & Post weight train/recovery drink: 2 scoops unflavored Sun Warrior protein powder, 2 tablespoons Cacao Powder, stevia, 3 tbs Chia Seeds Post weight train lunch: 2 seaweed/cucumber/avo rolls Sprout Salad: alfalfa sprouts, mung bean sprouts, flax seed crackers & falafels Pre-during & post Zumba teaching I drink: 1.5 liter green smoothie (kale or spinach with 8 oranges blended) or 1 liter of Spirulina with Stevia (drank over the course of 3 hours of teaching 2 back to back classes) Post late pm class "dinner": tomato soup with flax crackers or tofu/vege thai w/rice Critique? Thus far I have evenly exchanged LBM for weight loss & not sacrificed an ounce of any muscle along the way, which is impressive even to my trainer who is now asking me how to shift her diet. I began training in late May dropped an average of 3-4% bodyfat monthly. Starting weight 142#'s and 24%-26% bodyfat. I am now at 130#'s and 11% bodyfat I'm only now beginning to get nervous because with 4 weeks to go I don't feel my legs are coming up in definition as well as my upper body. I'll post these pics & hopefully you can guide me better. Thanks! My legs are my concern here versus my upper body. The worn off poor spray tan doesn't help but to emphasize things either. Pretty embarrassing.
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