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  1. Hmmm how much quinoa and how much water? do the y "dry" like rice or will they be floating popped in the water¿
  2. how do you prepare quinoa? do i have to eat like, something different everyday or can i just eat lentils and qiunoa everyday????
  3. I live in Cucuta, Colombia. I don't know what tahini is and don't think it can be found here. I know or atleast think tofu is cheese out of soymilk... can't I make it at home? Yes ofcourse I can get lentils, beans and chickpeas... but it takes a lot to cook them :S
  4. Ok thank you I will try with that, though I don't know what hummus is and tofu isn't available in stores over here.
  5. Yes but still the same question, how am i supposed to know what the soothie has for me?
  6. Thank you, you just mentioned some but how am I supposed to know what is calorie dense? how should i combine them? ... I took a look at that thread but it contains vairous things I don't know what they are, or, can't be found were I live such as tempeh and tofu.
  7. Thank you so much, I will follow that for my training. But, about my nutrition... can someone please help me and give me a diet I can follow so I can consume a whole lot of calories a day? I couldn't figure out exactly how many calories my body is burning and or needs right now but according to my mom it is around 2000. I couldn't figure out with the webpage mtguy provided me with because i don't know how to know what my body fat is... and even though it provides amazingly simple diets, I can't do them because they aren't vegetarian, and I don't know how to subtitute the meat in those diets. I would like something simple, I don't have a problem with eating all day, but I don't want to cook all day. And besides I don't have a single clue of what to eat, how to combine my foods, or anything.
  8. Wellthis is interesting where is the program? I am trying to gain weight... Iwould love to gain weight because I have a lack of weight and I already asked for help in that, but I amlooking if someone could please make a diet for me because I don't know anything about nutrition.
  9. Oh I wished I could try some but I can't get those ingredients here
  10. Hey, I created my account at fiday.com... i am also in the process of reading the other webpage you gave me. I submitted the food I eat in one day in fitday and it gave me the following results: http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/3663/fitdaybhumi.jpg I didn't create nutrition goals though because I don't know what they should be, I don't know what foods UI should consume, cna you guys please helpme with this? I don't understand any of the results given by fitday. I amreading and I am wondering how am I suppossed to know my percentage of body fat??? I don't know how much body fat I have, Id say like....zero ... but still even after I figure out how many calories im burning a day, how am I supposed to know which foods will increase my calories intake¿¿¿ please help!!! Im both desperate and having fun for I like learning all this. And pleasehelp me with a gym routine!! Edit: this page http://www.indoorclimbing.com/Protein_Requirement.html tells me i shoudl have an intake of 45grams of proteins a day. how do I know how much imtakign? in which foods can I find proteins?
  11. Hi mtguy, thank you so much for your reply, I will try to figure out how that page works and post here the results. And I will read the other one,thank you for your advice. Hey katz, yes, doctor have run a lot of tests on me to see why I am so thing but all of themcome out all right with no anomallies. I don't know what prot, carb or anything else I take daily I don't know much about that, I will try to figure it out though with the help of the webpage mtguy provided me and post here the results. About the training, can you help me with the routines? I have not a clue and trainers here are really bad. I used to have a good trainer once when I lived in another city, he new I was vegetarian, and he was a non-vegetarian bodybuilder a really good one, and he helped me with food and gym routine and I started to gain weight in less than a month but then I moved and haven't found any good trainer any more for a reasonable price, so I will have to do this on my own without the gym's trainer. For example, the trainer I talked about who was a bodybuilder he said I couldn't go on the bike, because I would made me thinner, and here in any gym, they make me go on the bike for 20 minutes... and I end up dead.!!!!!!!!! And even though I say I shouldn't they say that won't make me go thin. That's why I came here for more professional advice. BTW, do you think I can start with a diet and at the same time at the gym or will I have to wait a month or so for gym? Will you guys help me with a diet?
  12. Thank you so much for your warm welcome i already made a post of my problem i hope I learn a lot of things here!
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