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  1. Great Job Paige! I think you'll maintain all the more muscle for your later date, plus the 2.5 pounds you lost were most likely fat and the rest h2o. Your accountability rocks! Keep on going!
  2. Hey Paige! You are totally doing awesome!!! I am totally watching you succeed! Thinking, yea, "I could compete on veggies!" Thanks for the inspiration and again, great job!
  3. great job not cheating! you are one focused lady! I do hope you share pics when you get there Proud of your determination. Certainly inspires me!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Wow! I have to say, "good for you!' Your work out's are butt kicking to say the least and what super dedication to your goals! I wish you all the best and that you achieve even more than you imagined! Thanks for sharing your journal!
  5. I am glad you posted this topic... I am hoping that my new plant based protein diet will reverse some soft tissue problems and allow me to greatly diversify what I do in the off season. I've read about runners experiencing the ability to go much farther when switching to veggie diets. I think each body is unique though, and listening to the signals is of utmost importance to be in the best state of health possible.
  6. I recently bought New Rules of Lifting for Women and it's super! I think the work outs are really well designed and I needed to shake things up! I was happy to hear you like it, too!! What has it done for you specifically?? thanks for your response!
  7. Hey There fellow Coloradan! I'm in ID now after 10yrs in Seattle and 3 in FL, but LOVE the Rockies and always will! Grew up all along the front range, Wellington (near Wyoming off I-25), Ft. Collins, Loveland, and Boulder. Colorado is a great place to eat veggies and get out of doors!! I'm going vegan after being a protein addict with bodybuilding competitions for the past couple of years. I'd love to help with the work out plan if you'd like advice or info! There are a lot of great programs out there and the best one is the one you can stick with! Accountabily, a good goal, or a work-out buddy are all good tools to get and stay motivated! To your success! ~C
  8. Hi! I'm new to this too! I have to say that your signature quote is so inspiring, thanks! I love working out, too! I've been a certified trainer and figure competitor and decided to go all out and give vegan a try for the health benefits and more vitality. Weird thing is, my sweet hubby is the one who started this and I've been trying to get him to eat his veggies for years it seems! He noticed such hugely dramatic changes is how he feels that he was so sold. It started for him with the "forks over knives" trailer. Have you seen it? Have a great day!
  9. ...I think! Hello Ya'll! I'm happy to have found this website and hope it helps inspire and give me confidence on this new path! I've decided to give this a try, but am not yet convinced or conditioned to eating vegan. For the last 2 years especially, I've eaten a fairly low carb diet compared to what vegans and vegetarians (for the most part) consume and am pretty sure I'm addicted to protien, or maybe just food...hmmm. Anyway, I love bodybuilding and am willing to give my lifestyle a shot while eating vegan. I figure that my body could probably use a break from high protien intake (ie: 40-50% of daily intake). Also, I'm looking to cut a few lbs of fat and not sure how to do that eating so many carbs! Good things going - was a vegetarian baby, again for a year in college, and just love all things vegetable-esq. Making my food interesting may be a caloric pitfall, though, and I'm just learning how that all is going to balance out. Also - while I'm airing my concerns - I have yet to see any cut female veg athletes except for raw foodies. Comments? I am looking for greater health, I already eat clean and like 'very' few processed things, even if that means a little softer physique if I have more vitality! Ok! That's my intro! Hope to get some insight here ~ Celestial
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