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  1. Has anyone else had their VO2 max tested before? Any before/afters?
  2. Here's an interview with Erin Moubray, now Pro Fitness Model. She says it all due to her diet. If you want what she's got, check it out. http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/276829_200405896669257_139687_n.jpg She has a kid too. That's always nice to see, especially for us parents. Time can feel tight when your helping the little ones do their thing. Good thing the 811 diet is so quick and easy to eat on the go.
  3. multipass, What would an athlete eat for say 5000 calories on the diet suggested by Brian Clement? Fallen Horse, You quoted quite a bit. What do you find to be untrue? Would not raw food be considered whole food? And therefore cooked food, due to its refinement, heating, destruction and depletion of vitamins and minerals, derangement of protein, loss of water, caramelizing of carbohydrates, and heated fats, be less than optimal in comparison to the exact same foods, but in their raw, whole state?
  4. Can we do it, drive a car across the country on a low gasoline diet? Q: Can we bodybuild while simultaneously starving our body of fuel? This is the question being posed. A: Perhaps, but not with continued intensity and not for the long-term.
  5. @ VeganEssentials I hear the strength of your conviction regarding your opinion that each person responds differently to diets. I and many other 811rvs tend to disagree. We, humans, are all built anatomically and physiologically similar. Thereby, we all thrive under similar conditions. Our diet is species specific. Just as all lions are carnivores, all elephants are herbivores, and all cows eat grass. We, humans, have a specific diet that our body is designed to thrive on. Until someone actually puts forth a conjecture that holds some water, I will be sticking with the 811rv diet and keep feeling the best I've ever felt. =)
  6. vegimator, those studies you referenced do not rule out diet as the sole cause of the deficiencies. THey do make claims, but do not substantiate the "how"
  7. B12 deficiency was first discovered in people eating a meat based diet. B12 is also produced in our small intestine. The main problem people run into is a lack of absorption. B12 is bacterially produced and is widely abundant. When one's digestive system is healthy b12 is not an issue. B12 deficiency has also been reversed by fasting. Purely consuming water and resting, people were able to regain sufficient b12 levels. I have not found or been shown evidence that vegans are in inherently in danger of becoming deficient in b12. It smells like a protein myth.
  8. Has anyone looked into the China Study? It clearly demonstrates a significant decline in health when protein is over consumed. Is anyone positive how much protein is depleted when you work out? Because it is not the primary fuel source during activity and so when we eat we should be refueling proportionally to what we have used since the last time we ate. Has anyone looked into the dangers of excess protein? So we weren't designed to eat meat, what makes you think it is natural to eat fermented soy, tofu, or any odd creation, besides those gifted to us by our home, planet, Mother Earth. She provides the diet for every other single creature on the planet, we were not left out of the equation. Our food is easy to get, not dangerous to procure, not strenuous and time consuming to produce, it doesn't need machinery, chemistry, or heating elements like a stove, fire, oven, or microwave to "become" food for us. It should already BE food. It should already taste good. It should be easy for us to digest. It should benefit us in more ways than it harms us. It should harm us the least. It should provide the perfect fuel to build the most ideal muscular physique and athletic prowess. EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL HAS ALL OF THESE BENEFITS AND MORE, IN THEIR NATURAL FOOD SOURCE.
  9. Salad Dressings Avocado & Tomato or Avocado & Orange or Avocado and Tangerine - Blended Raspberries + celery blended; Mix of all citrus juices + basil Any berry & Mango Blended Hope that helps. Keep posting Paige.
  10. Good point FormicaLinoleum, Often times drastically under eating causes the body to conserve its fat and reserves, thinking that there is a shortage going on or imminent. It is much more productive to systematically under eat by 200 calories a day. This prevents binging and allows you to maintain activity levels. 1 pound of fat = 3500 calories. Following 811rv, while consuming sufficient calories, your body will lose water weight. This will be the major weight loss. It will allow muscle definition to show significantly. The body retains excess water to dilute toxic substances such as; salt, spices, and cooked food. Ever wonder why you get thirsty after eating these items? Read the 80/10/10 book, follow the lifestyle, reap the rewards! My life and fitness has never been so phenomenal. Good luck Paige!
  11. Paige, you could be eating a cooked diet and would feel those symptoms if you keep under eating by more than 1000 calories daily. There is no way you can workout or even function on a high level without supplying the necessary fuel for your cells to operate. Every cell in the body runs on glucose or fructose. You must supply enough carbohydrates to thrive. I sincerely hope you try a day of eating 2500 calories. Kevin
  12. I don't mean to poke and prod, but the entire 80/10/10 book is based in and references numerous scientific materials. Can anyone think of a natural food source besides fruits vegetables, nuts and seeds, that taste good and are digestible in their whole, fresh, ripe, raw state? Every other creature on the planet adheres to their species specific diet. The creature that anatomically and physiologically most closely matches our make-up is the bonobo chimpanzee; whose diet is composed of fruits and vegetables. Until 1950, the encyclopedia Britannica correctly classified the human as frugivores, as we are classified as anthropoid primates. If anyone has questions or discrepancies with the diet, I urge you to be specific and to inquire for scientific responses. I can do my best to respond accordingly. If it is above my head, I will directly as Dr. Doug Graham for you. Or you could ask him at vegsource.com/talk/raw I truly want to be doing the best thing for myself, I think we all do. Let's work together to find out the best program. I don't want to be following a diet that doesn't work, but I still haven't been given any legitimate reason not to follow a program that is giving me all the results I desired and more that I never thought of. I appreciate your help in this endeavor, family. Wishing You All the Best in Life My Brothers and Sisters! Kevin
  13. Doctors have been known to prescribe drugs of all varieties, all of them poisonous. Doctors have performed surgeries on the wrong patients. Doctors have killed many people with wrong advice. Doctors have also done some good as well. I think it might be wise to focus on the legitimacy of the advice rather than the person or credentials.
  14. Hello Paige, Thanks for detailed information to help with assisting you. I highly recommend consuming more calories from sweet fruits; bananas, dates, grapes, mangoes, figs, etc. I found it easier to do this in smoothie form, especially in the beginning stages. It also may be wise to eat more meals if need be to get in the calories. You are 5'7" and 155 lbs. Based on your physical exertion as well, you at least need to be consuming 2500 calories a day. Your biggest meal should come within 2 hours after completing your training. Try a 15 banana smoothie after working out. OR A 10 banana smoothie with dates, figs, or mangoes added. This will allow you to consume 1500 calories in one sitting. If this is not possible yet, then have 700 calories for breakfast, 1000 calories for post workout, and then consume the final 800 calories combined with your salad. I recommend you drop out the refined flax oil. Oil is 100% fat. I doubt this is the reason you are consuming it, but it is unnecessary and hinders your recovery. Especially if your goal is to drop body fat, I recommend dropping out overt fat sources. Fruits and vegetables already average at 5-6% of calories coming from fat. Dizzy and shaky are not fun things to feel. I empathize with you. When consuming enough calories this feeling is non-existent. If you do feel tired I urge you to rest as the body does its most efficient healing, rebuilding (of muscle and tissue), and eliminating of toxins while we are sleeping and resting. You will be gaining health and physique with this program, you have made a wise observation and choice. Keep the questions coming! Keep up the great work! GO TO HEALTH!!!
  15. This diet is ideal for bodybuilding and even more ideal for those looking for ideal definition. The fruit and veggies diet supplies all the protein we need and more. As vegans, we should know better than anyone that protein deficiency is a myth. Has anyone come across anyone in their entire life that has been protein deficient? Mother's milk provides just 6% of total calories coming from protein. This at a time when the human is growing at its faster rate. To claim that we need more than 6% of total calorie intake coming from protein is unproven hearsay. We can look to other vegan creatures with similar anatomy (chimpanzees, apes, etc.) or even ones with differing (horses, cows) and recognize that we are more than covered with fruits and veggies for strength, agility, flexibility, longevity, and endurance. "Protein" foods are not specifically required. Most "protein" foods, milk, meat, nuts, and seeds, are all higher in fat and should be looked at as so. They tend to lead to an over consumption of calories and thereby inducing weight gain. All fruits and veggies contain all 8 essential amino acids in a nutrient ratio that mostly closely matches the human's needs. There are a select group of foods in their, whole, fresh, raw, ripe, organic, unaltered state. Those foods are fruits and vegetables and some nuts/seeds. Nature designed out natural diet to taste good without having to cook or season our food. No other animal in nature does this and they get to enjoy peak health and fitness for a lifetime. (in nature nuts only fall from trees one month out of the year, in our natural setting, this is the only window in which we would consume these foods) I wish you great luck in your fitness endeavors and recommend you check out the 80/10/10 Diet and/or Nutrition and Athletic Performance by Dr. Douglas Graham. The book lays out the whole lifestyle and the science behind it. GO TO HEALTH!!! Kevin
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