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  1. Something that tastes good... Is that so much to ask for? Haha. I cannot eat Vega if my life depended on it. I literally almost projectile vomited downing just half a scoop (albeit it was mixed with water). That being said, it needs to be decent with water, at least to the point I can swallow it....
  2. How does the tofurky taste? I'm sort of trying to branch out into all the vegan-made imitation foods - so I can get enough protein to support my sport Kinda iffy after a few bouts with super gross soy cheese, but I love Daiya SO MUCH. Hee hee.
  3. Do any of you use Vega (Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer) in particular? I cannot seem to make it work with anything. It is just absolutely horrid tasting, I spit it out, haha. I had it with organic chocolate soy milk, which I thought would be delicious; unfortunately, cannot bring a blender to work. Maybe I should just down it as quickly as possible and be done with it? Hee hee. Thanks.
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