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  1. That's awesome! Which one, and what are the levels of DHA and EPA in it per softgel, how much per bottle, and how many services? Problem is, I have no data on why algae is better for your health than fish oils (almost all our customers are incredibly selfish that way), and so I try to sell them the algae oils, but its like $20-30 for no more than 30 serving and very low in EPA & DHA. Then they look at the one by solgar, their triple strength one, has at least 30 servings if not 60, it's on sale for $14, with 950 mg of combined EPA/DHA, and with Dr. Oz telling them they need mega doses.. without reliable data & studies, I lose that battle
  2. I can't wait to see articles on Whey and DHA/EPA sources! I'm so sick of hearing about how important it is to eat that shit! Working in a health food store, it would prove invaluable, as I could show it to customers
  3. Fascinating! And the cocoa? Does it still make you fall asleep? = )
  4. Awesome question!! I would love to know this too! I work in the supplements department of a health food store and am occasionally asked stuff like this, but I have no answers yet. I get told, even by fellow staff, that "only whey helps you bulk up", "it helps you burn fat around thighs", and other such rumors. I say rumors because no one has any study or quote to link me, where as I have VBB site & book, the Thrive books, Vega sport booklet, the new Vegan Health and Fitness magazine, Nutritionfacts.org, etc.
  5. Lol wow. Hey Ben, you know who's really having a hard time? The animals. Eh, at least he's still somewhat with it, for now!
  6. Ah, the clarification is much appreciated. I could have sworn it was written in a little bio of him that he went plant-based for results, health or something, and he's happy it has the added bonus of helping animals. I didn't mean any disrespect, they have my admiration. I do believe that even if they're not wearing something Vegan that the image does more good than harm because I see peoples reaction when I tell them they can bulk up on plant-based proteins & show them this photo.
  7. Whelp, I've been working out but just not keeping track of it. It was an off day today and I resume as usual tomorrow. I saw what my ass looks like in a video I made and it really disappointed me, like really. All this time I thought it was great, and I went outside not concerned when people saw me. Now I'm so embarrassed and it introverts me so much when I have to jog past people. I keep thinking to myself "pleasedontlookatmyasspleasedontlookatmyasspleasedontlookatmyass". It sounds so trivial and stupid, but thankfully I'm a lot better than I was in my teens. I know this will pass. It's just really tough to motivate myself right now. Worse, I think I've hit some kind of plateau, so this is horrible timing. Not to mention, the other day I set my alarm for 7ish, and a second one for 9ish. I told myself I would stay asleep if I was too tired for the first. Well, I was so tired that I forgot that thought, and couldn't tell I was so tired! I went jogging anyways, and this is like the day after I saw my ass. My thoughts were so dark and I couldn't figure out why, I just wanted to stop jogging and cry. So I cut that run short, especially when it dawned on me that I was sleep deprived. Ugh... After enough sleep and a rest day, I went out again with better results, but still introverted and unmotivated. I hope I can shake this soon. I might take 2 Bx before I go tomorrow morning, just in case!!
  8. I totally saw the magazine, took a picture of it on the magazine rack at my work, went home and purchased a subscription, and now use it as a dissemination tool to help guide people away from animal products, and into health-promoting Vegan ones. I noticed right away what Derek and his wife were wearing in that photo and wondered what it was. When I read that he's actually not Vegan but plant-based, I assumed it was leather. It is a stunning image, the two of them look phenomenal! It's a great plant-base promoting tool. However as a Vegan, that in a magazine which is supposed to represent and promote our standards of ethics, bothers me a lot. It's another sign that the definition of Vegan is being watered down just like the meaning of vegetarianism. For many people, Veganism is what ever they want it to be.
  9. Date: Dienstag, Juli 17 Time: 2hrs? Today's Goals: get a good workout in despite being hung over: jog to the park, arms, legs. Today's workout: stretch, elliptical, arms, legs, stretch. Warm-up: Sun Salutation, with extra Stretches for the calfs, thighs, arms, and butt. Workout: It wouldn't stop pouring all day so I got on the elliptical for 40mins. Arms: Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions L+R, Bent Over Row, Reverse Bridge Dips, Half Push-ups, High Side Plank L+R, Front Raises. Legs: Side Leg Lift L+R, Side Left Kick L+R, Inner Thigh Raise L+R, Ham String Curls, Quad Lifts, Static Lung L+R. Supplements: Vega Pre-workout Energizer Post-Workout Meals: Modified Thrive post-workout recipe Vega chocolate sport protein. Notes/Comments: I drank way too much the night before and slept in till noon because of it, missing out on the morning sunshine I could have ran to the park in. Despite that, I got a decent workout. My add was killing me from yesterday, which was awesome. My abs did feel a little sore when stretched but that was it. I've been trying to retrace my steps to find out how I managed to only get 6 hours of sleep, but with no luck.
  10. Date: Montag, Juli 16 Time: 2hours? Today's Goals: jog as long as I can, then do abs & butt workouts. Today's workout: stretched, jogged, butt, abs, stretched. Warm-up: Sun Salutation plus extra stretch in the calfs, & glutes. Workout: Jogged around the block as many times as I could before it started to rain, so 5 times. Came home and attempted to do the following butt & ab moves for 1 minute each: Butt: deadlift, donkey kick L+R, leg extensions, flutter kicks, jumping lunges, chair, fire tyrant L+R, mountain climbers. Abs: Basic crunch, Oblique crunch L+R, bicycle crunch, reverse crunch, long arm crunch, cross over crunch, half curl, vertical leg crunch, plank... Supplements: Vega Pre-workout Energizer Post-Workout Meals: Modified Thrive post-workout recipe Vega chocolate protein shake Notes/Comments: its getting easier to do all the moves, and I only do them once a week!
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