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  1. Erik, I'm 22 Yrs old. I've been vegan since i was 17. I've always been fairly active and lifted weights. but since suffering from an AC separation this past January i decided once i recovered i was going to try and get myself into a much better physical condition. i put on close to 30lbs during recovering from the injury, due to going from being so active to having to "take it easy". I cut off most of that and i am at around 209 now, i'm 5'11 i would like to lose another 10-15lbs of fat but its getting harder to cut weight. i lift 5 days a week and run everyday. i love mma, skateboarding, snowboarding, boxing, music and my dog. i have been reading the board for a year or so and finally i decided to go ahead and join. i would really love a new 7 day diet plan to cut some fat if anyone has any ideas. thanks in advance. -Erik
  2. sorry to bring up such an old topic... my aunt recently started selling this stuff and the six bottles i saw "contained shell fish". i was bummed. she was gonna give me a case for free.
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