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  1. Maybe there has been a thread like this before. If so I apologize. It seems like most of the protein in my diet comes from grians, beans, nuts, ect... A lot of which I get from processed and cooked foods. While most of the fruit I consume is in raw form(no nutrition label) or in juice. So I was just wondering how good of a source of protein fruit can be. Clearly there are a number of fruitarian vegans out there that appear to be quite healthy. I'm just ignorant when it comes to fruit. Could someone give me the rundown on the whole fruitarian thing, mostly focused on protein? I'm not an athlete or body builder, I'm not looking to bulk up. Just trying to stay around what I'm at(about 5'10" 150lb-ish, thin figure.) and maintain it in a heathly way through my diet. Just an average Joe vegan. I'm not planning on making a 100% switch to the whole Fruitarian thing. My band(made up of mostly vegans and vegetarians) is going to be on tour for the next 6 weeks. So aside from a number of vegan reastaraunts we may stop at, I want to avoid the fastfood & potato chip diet completely. Raw fruits and juices are quite available on the go and relatively affordable so I'd like to rely very heavily on them. Thanks!
  2. Okay, where to start... Basics about me: I'm 20 years old, Male, about 5' 10", 155 lbs. With a slim/skinny figure. My lifestyle: I'm not an athelete. Never really have been. I work a desk job. Meaning about 8 straight hours a day I sit in a chair with not a lot of physical activity. I do not have any workout schedule, I do not go to the gym. Probably the most excercise I get is from general horseplay with friends, and stuff to do with my band(performing, lifting equipment, ect...) Diet: I'm just an average vegan, not raw or totally organic. I just eat what is good, available, and vegan. I don't use any supplements other than the occasional multivitamin. But I'm not opposed to the idea. I try and make sure I get a few high protein meals in every day. Often times it's the simple, fast, and easy stuff like cereal(with soymilk), veggy burgers, tofurkey sandwhiches, and other mock meat & grains based meals. Though sometimes when I have time or feel like it I love to actually cook. I'm really getting into tofu and seiten. Sometimes I snack on fruits, usually apples, bananas, and oranges because they're so common. I drink alot of water, soy milk, and juices... but I admit I do induldge in the occasional soda probably more often than I should. I don't eat a whole lof of junk food, but occasionally I go for candy and whatnot. Goal: I'm not looking to bulk up much. I want to still be skinny. But to have a bit more toned look would be nice. Most importantly I want to get rid of the belly I got going. I don't need a rock hard six pack, but the blubber has to go. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/sewhershut/IMAGE_00176.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/sewhershut/IMAGE_00174.jpg So does anyone have any simple workout(sit ups? running?) suggestions that are more specified for that area? Can anyone see anything possibly wrong with my diet that would perhaps be causing me to gain just in the belly? Maybe I'm pregnant?
  3. so i finaly got around to making an attempt at it. what a success! i just made one BIG burrito's(if you had smaller tortillas you could make a couple small ones.) worth this first time since i was just experimenting. the ingredients arent in exact measurement, i was just doing the "a little of this and a little of that" til it looked right, but here's my guestaments. i used a small chunk of soft tofu, abuot 1"x1"x2" a handful of white corn chips 3-4 tablespoons of mild salsa 4 drops of chalula 2 strips of smart bacon 2 slices of tofutti american style cheese pinch of salt pinch of pepper pinch of seasoned salt 2 tablespoons of chopped up onions throwing it all together.... 1. in a small pan i had the smart bacon frying with the onions. until lightly browned. 2. i took the tofu and smashed it up really good with a fork in a little bowl, then i added the chalula, salsa, salt, pepper, and seasoned salt, stirring it together. 3. i put the corn chips in a little baggy and smashed them up really fine. 4. once the bacon and onions were done, i put them in the bowl with the tofu and everything. 5. i took the pan and filled it up with a very thin layer of water brought to a boil. 6. add the tofu bowl mixture to the water, try to get a constant stir so the water is boiling out but you dont want stuff sticking to the pan. add the crushed corn chips and break up the tofutti cheese slices and mix them in aswell. 7. stir it constantly til the water is mostly boiled out and the mixture doesnt seem very runny or soggy. 8. warm up a tortilla, put the mixture into it, fold, enjoy! i did have my dad there helping. he seemed pretty impressed i was able to pull it off so well with vegan ingredients. i'm confident next time will be better. i might try a little more salsa.
  4. On the subject of 8th Continent. They have a new Chocolate Strawberry Banana Smoothie flavor and it's awesome!
  5. i saw it. i liked it. i did sneak in.
  6. shitty deal. i bet they could get another band going though.
  7. does anyone watch that miami ink show? some lady got a tattoo of a grilled cheese sanwich with something that resembled the virgin mary.
  8. growing up my dad had a really good recipe for breakfast burritos. of course based around non vegan items like bacon, eggs, and cheese, with a few veggies in the mix. i was over there the other morning and i could smell them, so it reminded me that they even existed and made me want to search out a vegan version. now for bacon, i generally stick to lightlife smart bacon... it's good tasting with a similar enough texture to bacon and seems to cook the same. for cheese, i really like the tofutti presliced stuff for it's melting properties. but that's usually for stuff like sanwiches. for grated cheese i like vegan gourmet stuff so i think that's what i'd use. but i'm also curious if anyone else knows of a good vegan cheese that melts good and tastes good? my main concern is with the eggs. i've yet to have a really satisfying scrambled egg substitute that wasnt just "okay". and the way my dad prepared the eggs, he crunched up corn chips really fine and mixed them in with the eggs while they're liquidy. so does anybody know of any good egg substitutes? i'm really hoping this works out... if i can make this work well, i'll post a more "perfected" recipe.
  9. even small time farms that may treat there animals pretty well, in order to sell them to the public, they need to go through the same cruel slaughter process.
  10. i wonder what kind of shape the person who wrote all that up is in? i mean surely an overweight or thin but non athletic omnivor wouldnt dis a bigtime body builder's vegan diet... right? he must be huge. the fact that robert(and many others) is the size he is and so fit disproves alot of myths. not just a bunch of pro-vegan literature with science backing it, he's walking proof. i'm a thin guy, not athletic at all, but i don't beleive my diet has much to do with it. i've been within a couple pounds of the same weight since i went veg compared to when i was an omnivore. i guess it's one of those things where it doesnt matter if i'm eating greasey big mac's or tofurkey sanwiches. i'm thin...
  11. beautiful animals... but i'm not much of a cat person. also, the whole playing god with a genetics lab and cabins full of caged cats used for creating/designing a new breed seems wrong. apparently she knows it to be so...
  12. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/sewhershut/lolympics.gif
  13. i went vegetarian for a few months before going vegan, so meat was the first to go, with all the mock options i didnt miss it at all. i really reccomend vegetarianism as a first step so that you don't feel to overwhelmed and give up. some people are able to just go vegan with no sweat, but some people really have alot to learn before they're comfortable with it. over time i started cutting other stuff out, milk and eggs are pretty easy to ditch in general. cheese seems to be a pretty big deal for alot of people, i like the toffuti presliced stuff for sandwhiches and stuff, melts great and tastes really good. vegan gourmet block cheese is awesome for stuff like pizza... it all came overtime to where i was only letting the little stuff get by so i felt totally comfortable cuting the crap. its good to have a mentor(or a few of them) when making the switch to keep you informed about stuff. i have a friend right now that i've helped convert from ovo lacto vegetarian to vegan in the past month or so. it feels great to help people switch.
  14. haha thanks, it's my roflcopter. i love 1337 speach.
  15. Sam801

    I'm neeeeww

    it's basically staying away from drugs and the abuse related to them. to some it also means a great deal about not being promiscuous... depends on how the individual looks at it i suppose. i'm not very promiscuous myself, but it doesnt bother me. like veganism, i look at being straight edge as a higher level of moral/ethical responsibility. i used to smoke, drink, and do the occasional drugs(lighter stuff like weed), this was about 4 years ago, so mostly in jr high and early high school. no real excuse for doing it, no big excuses for stopping it. i guess it was a phase i grew out of. over time being sober and also very into the music scene, i found people associating me with the term straight edge so i just started going with it... despite being in a totally straight edge band, on a super straight edge label.. i don't flex it around much because i don't want it to be something the seperates me from the none straight edge world. people that know me know i'm straight edge, people that don't know me probably don't care or have a clue until they do get to know me. i find the militant and in your face approach just isnt my style. i just want to be a regular guy like everyone else. a regular guy that fits into society without drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or eating animals. i feel it's a good example to put forth. keepin it posi.
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