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  1. I keep hearing that I have digestive issues because I'm a C blood type and shouldn't eat grains, beans and breads. I wish i knew what was truly right. I guess I have to hush my mind and all the crap I've read & just see how I really feel... Starting is hard because I'm tired of failing.
  2. I really need help just getting started. Can anyone (or many ones) share a week of meals. All help and advice, gladly accepted & appreciated. We are a family of 7 (5 kiddos). Thanks!
  3. Thanks Ladies...I appreciate your insight and will be implementing it! I will report back too.
  4. I don't like be confused and well, I am right now. Can you all offer some advice? If I consume oatmeal, fruit juice smoothies, eat beans & rice 2 x a day, snack on carrots & grapes plus have a vegan dessert, will I lose weight? I don’t think so; even if I cut out the vegan dessert. I’ve been reading tons of books that tell me to have soy, tempeh bacon or tofu. I don’t want to eat those things to “act” like I’m eating meat. I’ve gone back to dead animal which I darn near can’t eat most nights. I have cut out the fruits, pasta, beans & rice. I’ve lost 7 lbs. in 10 days. The problem is I don’t enjoy eating dead animal (chicken & turkey) though. I’ve searched through all the female profiles on this site and no one really shares how their eating or what they are truly eating. They give generals. I wish they shared more like on bodybuilding.com transformation stories. Does my vegan lifestyle have to be a bunch of powdered proteins & tofu burgers to work? I’m open to suggestions. I truly desire to make this work but I keep failing & maintaining my overweight status trying to live vegan.
  5. Has anyone tried this shake through Team Beach Body? I was considering purchaisng it for my mornings. Thanks!
  6. Hello! Can you all offer me breakfast ideas and way's to keep my carbohydrate intake down while doing this lifestyle. Beans and rice are making me even more bloated! Thanks Ya'll! Email me at kishag (dot) live (dot) com
  7. Thanks again! The site is very informative & inspirational. I will have to buy a book or two to get the full gyst of the "lifestyle"! Thanks a bunch!
  8. Thank you I will check that out! I've been adding bananas to my smoothies but until this I would eat them and have an itchy throat. Thanks again!
  9. Hello- Can a person be raw without using a dehydrator? It seems that many of the meals i've found online need to be soaked, processed then dehydrated in order to create something. I also haven't found very many families living a raw lifestlye. Are there any inspirational examples & a few raw meal plans that don't involve powders & dehydrators? Thanks for any help you can provide for my journey! Kisha
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