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  1. I moved to Florida from Dallas/Ft. Worth and I'm very lucky Ethos is here. Fantastic food and very nice people!
  2. YAY a tennis player.. I'm a tennis fanatic. Anytime you wanna talk tennis, we can talk tennis. I like tennis. tennis tennis tennis
  3. Hell yes I should. I'll build the biggest Veg community in the world. Then all you Portland residents would envy me instead of it being the other way around
  4. badass story. congrats for going vegan - you'll never go back
  5. Thanks all. Yes, the pic is in front of Food Fight. I love Portland. You Vegans are all spoiled in Portland... Melbourne is SE of Orlando about 45 minutes away, on the Atlantic coast. It's gorgeous here and it seems that people are very health conscious, but I can't find much support for veganism in restaurants. There are a few health food markets around but sometimes you don't feel like cooking! In Dallas I was part of ACT (Animal Connection Texas), an animal rights nonprofit. Just started working out about two months ago. Honestly, the only reason I'm working out is to be able to show the general mis-informed public that veg*ans aren't just pale, frail, and weak individuals, and we get plenty of protein
  6. Been Vegetarian for about 3 years now, Vegan for 2. So I moved from Dallas TX to Melbourne FL for work. Luckily there are quite a few people here who are into health & fitness and I have a great trail running park around the corner. Problem is I can't seem to find one vegan restaurant. There was a vegan restaurant in Fort Worth! Why can't I find one in FL? I love all you vegans. Look forward to chatting more, and getting advice on pumping up my muscles with some yummy tempeh. James http://www.qeegonline.com/img/james.jpg
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