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  1. Thanks mate! Where you been?!?! Thanks dude!
  2. I just read your other post about shoulder tendinitis! Too funny. If you want a badass shoulder exercise, maybe try Arnold Press. Those always kill me.
  3. haha thanks. It's been 80s/90s here for months now, and it's getting really old. Sometimes I try to invoke the new season just by dressing accordingly. Looks like the weather will change here on Tuesday, which happens to be my birthday!
  4. HAHA! Well, the way I do these is with 55lbs on one end of my olympic bar (45lbs - I know you know that), and the other end on the floor. It's not straight up and down over my head, but pretty close. Do my rows the same way only with knee and opposite hand on the bench. I love doing t-bar rows like this. Also, I never thought of this, but I suppose it might be less than 100lbs given that the tip of the bar remains on the floor. Not sure...
  5. Ugh, well I posted but then my internet crapped out. Short story: I tried 80/10/10 for eight months. Gained weight (approx. 22lbs), and not the good kind. Started to break out, feel like crap, etc. Noticed I do much better on higher fat and moderate carb. I think 80/10/10 ignores a lot of legitimate science, and only coincidentally works if you are doing marathon training along with weights. I.E. super high output permits super high input. Otherwise, it's a load of crap.
  6. Saturday, September 26, 2015: Shoulders / Back 1. Deadlift - 3 x 10 @ 205lbs 2. Delt Fly - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs - 3. Single Arm Row - 3 x 10 @ 100lbs 4. Single Arm PressUp - 3 x 10 @ 100lbs - 5. Pullup Trio (W/N/C) - 3 x 10 6. Overhead Front Raise - 3 x 10 @ 45lbs Decreased volume over my usual shoulder/back day since I knew I'd be a little weak having not trained back/shoulders in a couple weeks. Am glad I did, because after the first set of deadlifts, I was pretty much tapped. Glad I finished out though, because the rest wasn't so bad. Definitely felt weaker on everything. Maybe I'm tired, maybe under-nourished, maybe mentally lacking focus - maybe all of those things combined! Anyhow, not going to spend more time on the computer when the weather is decent outside. Still too warm for me - I'm looking for days with high of 65*. Back Tuesday w/ legs.
  7. It was pretty interesting, though I think the narrator/host/whatever could have been better. It's difficult with the subject matter, I know, and tends to lead to a very crunchy granola type heading up a project like this. I tend to find them incredible, or just kind of . . . dumb, for lack of a better word. In-eloquent, maybe. Otherwise, it's interesting enough for a watch.
  8. Have to second Eiji on the upright rows. If you are doing them with fairly light weight, and not for volume, I suppose they wouldn't be an issue; but what's to gain, really? At one point (ignorantly) I was doing them fairly regularly, and got up to the 80lb range for 12-15 reps. Ended up injuring my right shoulder (probably mid-front delt area), which took me out of training shoulders for pretty much an entire year. So many other ways of training shoulders, not sure upright rows are worth the risk. FWIW.
  9. Thursday, September 24, 2015: Row - 2500m; 12 minutes. Forgot to post up last night because I watched Cowspiracy after my training. Rowing really kicked my ass, as you can see by my horrible time. I think it's probably something you have to keep up regularly in order to maintain any kind of ability. I'm ready for a slow relaxing weekend.
  10. Wednesday, September 23, 2015: Chest / Arms 1. Bench - 3 x 10 @ 210lbs 2. Tricep Dips - 3 x 20 - 3. Standing PressUps - 3 x 15 @ 50lbs 4. Curls - 3 x 12 @ 85lbs - 5. Bar Dips - 3 x 15 6. Seated Hammer Curl - 3 x 12 @ 50lbs Feeling much better today. Must be because I'm vegan! Bench was much better today as well; no weakness really. Must be better focused today than last week, which wouldn't surprise me one bit. I'll keep at it and try to increase weight consistently. Not much else to say about today. I got to do some interesting work, none of which I can talk about lol. Otherwise I'm tired of looking at a computer screen! Cardio tomorrow. Rest Friday. Back/Shoulders Saturday.
  11. Those bars look pretty good! I might try that out this weekend. Also, it's cool to see someone else on here with TRX at home. I think we're the only ones!
  12. Tuesday, September 23, 2015: Legs 1. Squat - 3 x 10 @ 305lbs 2. Long Jump - 3 x 12 @ 25lbs - 3. Side Lunge - 3 x 12* @ 110lbs 4. Hamstring Curl - 3 x 15 @ 45lbs - 5. Side Squat - 3 x 12* @ 110lbs 6. Calf Raise - 3 x 20 @ 110lbs Well first day back at it since last Thursday. Didn't get to train on Saturday because I worked the whole day. Caught a cold somewhere in there, and have been coughing up a lung for a couple days. Really annoying. Sleeping better though, so hopefully the excess water I'm retaining at the moment will pass along. Also been drinking more water, so that might explain a slight increase in the tightness of my suit jackets. It's really only right around the waist, which is obnoxious. Anyhow, it was nice to train tonight, and though I didn't kill it with intensity, I did get some good work done. Chest/arms tomorrow.
  13. Mind posting up that recipe for the protein bar?
  14. Thursday, September 17, 2015: Rower - 2500m, 10:00 minutes. Tired today. Not much to say except that I started work at 6:30 this morning and left the office at 5:40p. Going to sleep a lot this weekend. Wanted to get at least a row in before the end of the week.
  15. Thanks dude. I'll take those into consideration. I'm a little wary of increasing weight too high since I lift alone, and don't want to be crushed with no spotter. Doesn't mean I can't work my way up I guess. I could easily do 5-6 sets of 3-5 reps though. Maybe start with my current weight for 10-12 reps and work from there? I'll have to look up Hepburn progression. Don't really pay much attention to weighlifting theory or those who come up with that stuff.
  16. Wednesday, September 16, 2015: Chest/Arms 1. Flat Bench - 3 x 12 @ 205lbs 2. Skullcrusher - 3 x 12 @ 75lbs - 3. Incline Fly - 3 x 15 @ 70lbs 4. Drag Curls - 3 x 10 @ 75/70/70lbs - 5. Around the World - 3 x 12 @ 30lbs 6. Concentration Curls - 3 x 12* @ 25lbs I need help on my bench. No idea how to break through this plateau. Drop sets maybe? It's annoying. Seems like squats go up and everything else stays the same. The drag curls were really tough - thanks Rob for enlightening me. Otherwise, this was a pretty ho hum session, and on the heels of another 12+ hour workday. I'm tired and going to bed. Thinking of changing my training schedule up to lifts on Tues, Wed and Sat, and cardio on Thurs/Sun. Thoughts?
  17. Thanks boys, that's really nice to hear, and right on time given current circumstances. Don't be jealous though, I'm paying for it all day today with horrible DOMS in my quads!
  18. Tuesday, September 15, 2015: Legs 1. Squat - 3 x 10 @ 295lbs 2. Weighted Squat Jump - 3 x 10 @ 25lbs - 3. Front Step Up - 3 x 12* @ 70lbs 4. Side Lunge - 3 x 12* @ 100lbs - 5. Angle Squat - 3 x 12* @ 100lbs 6. Calf Raise - 3 x 20 @ 100lbs Squats were easy today; too easy. Can really tell strength improvement from the rower. Otherwise, this entire workout took just over 30 minutes, and was powered by sheer adrenaline. First day of new job, and while it was boring and relatively uneventful, I got in at 7:45am, and got home just before 7:00pm. So, much longer day than I'm really used to. Also, no idea of how many calories I took in today, but if I had to guess it would be in the 1700 range. Still have some time left in the day, which will most likely be filled with peanut butter. I suppose I can train and eat this late at night if I have to, but it will take some adjusting. Hopefully I can calm myself down and get some decent sleep. Anyhow, yeah, definitely could have added more to the squat bar. Next time. Chest/Arms tomorrow, no matter what.
  19. Saturday, September 12, 2015: Mix Circuit Day 0. Row - 2500m, 10:00 minutes, Avg 40 strokes/minute 1. Pushup (W, S) - 2 x 50 2. Curl & Press x 15 @ 50lbs 3. Side Lunge w/ Rotation x 12* @ 35lbs 4. Tricep Dips x 20 5. Row & Fly x 10 @ 70lbs Literally no mental focus today, as I am just thinking about how this is my truly last day of freedom before the new job next week. Woke up tired as well, so it was a perfect storm of "don't bother training." At least I got my rows in, and made it through most of one round of the circuit I planned. I forgot to do my single leg squats, and once I realized that I pretty much said fuck it I'm not into this today. I have a bunch of cooking to do for tomorrow's football festivities, plus cleaning, plus video games, plus taking care of Penny. I tend to look at a day in its entirety at once and freak out about not having enough time. I think that might fall on the spectrum of autism or Asperger's. Anyhow, enough of that... I'm going to enjoy the rest of the day, relax, and do whatever the hell I want.
  20. Ring dips plus weight sounds brutal. Something about the instability of rings makes the dips so much harder.
  21. Friday, September 11, 2015: Rower - 2500m, 9:00 minutes. Woke up pretty tired today from everything yesterday. DOMS in my chest from Wednesday still, so evidence of poor recovery maybe. No business deadlifting today, and certainly did not want to do squats. So, I just killed it on a quick rowing session, and that was all I needed. Glad I got it in earlier too, as I plan on doing nothing but chilling the rest of the day. Probably do a full body weights day tomorrow.
  22. Dude it was so scary and terrible. I thought for sure we were going to lose her. She's recovering quite well though. We have to feed her vertically, and for b now that means holding her and feeding her literally by hand; then holding her for 20 mins after. Good thing she's tiny! Her Bailey chair should be here soon, and I ordered one of those baby carriers to keep her strapped to my chest. The 5k wasn't that bad after all. I walked and finished in about 50mins. Granted, I was walking with a partner of the firm who is pretty overweight, but it was a good opportunity to get to know him. So yeah, I echo your thoughts. I'm also prone to canceling last minute - such an introvert! Schedules are meant for keeping! lol
  23. Well to be honest I've only managed to do fasted cardio once, given I usually wake up starving. Plus, rowing first thing upon waking is more torture than I might be able to handle I'd really recommend a rower. It's both challenging and fun, and I can see it leaning me out.
  24. I say get it and teach her to use it, say it does wonders for toning arms . My wife actually loves the rower, and I thought she wouldn't. Sounds like a grand weekend ahead of you mate - have fun!
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